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Six Year Primary Plan Priority List


STP Projects 


               I.      Undertake projects in CHART –UNJam 2025 (adopted May 3, 2004)


A.      Improvements to Route 29 North Corridor:

1)       Funding of 29H250 Phase II, Option B design recommendations;

2)       Berkmar Drive extension;

3)       Hillsdale Drive extension;

4)       Widening improvements to Route 29 North (3rd lane, from S.F. Rivanna River);

5)       *Other improvements identified for Route 29 corridor identified in the County Comprehensive Plan.


B.      Construct Meadow Creek Parkway from Route 250 Bypass to Rio Road, *including interchange at the Route 250 Bypass.

C.      Widening of Route 20 south (from I-64 to Mill Creek Drive), including bike lanes and sidewalks.

D.      Funding of the TransDominion Express.

E.      Improvements to Route 250:

1)       Improve Route 250 West from Emmet Street to the Route 29/250  Bypass;

2)       Maintain current two-lane road configuration from the Bypass to Yancey Mills, reflective it character as a Scenic Virginia Byway;

3)       Spot improvements to intersections in Ivy at Routes 678 and 637

4)       Improvements to route 250 East.

F.      Improve Route 240 in accord with the recommendations of the Crozet Master Plan.

G.     Widen Route 20 North, from Route 250 to Elks Drive/Fontaine Drive intersection, including bike lanes and sidewalks.

H.      Improve Fontaine Avenue consistent from Jefferson Park Avenue to its terminus consistent with recommendations identified by the Fontaine Avenue Task Force.

I.         Recognize mass transit as it can relieve traffic congestion and is an alternative to road construction and shift funds from road construction to mass transit to accomplish this.

J.       Route 20 (Valley Street) in Scottsville – Undertake the intersection improvements of Valley Street with Warren Street and Hardware Street in the Town of Scottsville historic entrance corridor. VDOT had proposed these improvements in the 1970’s, but the improvements were not completed. The improvements will enhance the safety of the traveling public.


II. Safety Improvements


K.      Construction of pedestrian walkways

1)       Route 240 in downtown Crozet;

2)       Route 20 South from City limits to Mill Creek Drive extended;

3)       Route 250 East in Pantops as an extension from the existing sidewalks;

4)       Route 250 West from the City limits to the Farmingtion/Ednam entrance(s).


III. Enhancement Projects


K.      Pedestrian Streetscape improvements in downtown Crozet

L.       Beautification of entrance corridors

M.     Construction of Bikeway, pedestrian, and greenway improvements as  prioritized in the Jefferson Area Bicycle, Pedestrian and Greenways Plan and the County’s Comprehensive Plan

N.      Development of portions of the Rivanna River Greenway path system.

O.     Removal of non-conforming billboards.


IV. National Highway System (NHS)


P.  The Charlottesville-Albemarle MPO Policy Board approved the NHS as proposed by VDOT in this area excluding the Route 29 Bypass.


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