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Appropriation #2007014                                                                                                           $  47,361.96


            Revenue Source:                        CDBG Fund Balance                              $47,361.96


Albemarle Housing Improvement Program (AHIP) has requested the balance of available CDBG program income to help fund the rehabilitation of two houses.  AHIP had been waiting for funding from the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) and was recently notified that the main funding source provided by DHCD for rural rehabilitation would not be available this year.  The projects are CDBG-eligible and the funding provided from program income will be in the form of a deferred loan.



Appropriation #2007015                                                                                                                $ 3,800.00


Revenue Source:                        State Revenue                                       $  3,800.00


The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office has received $3,800.00 in funding from the University of Virginia for its second-year law student intern.   No local match is required.



Appropriation #2007017                                                                                                               $ 18,092.00


Revenue Sources:                      Local-Grants                                          $ 18,092.00


At its meeting on August 24, 2006, the School Board approved the following appropriations:


The Shannon Foundation for Excellence in Public Education has awarded several teachers of Albemarle County Public Schools with grants totaling $13,092.00.  The awards were made to the following teachers at the elementary schools:  Baker Butler;  Linda Hutson $500.00, Christine Scott $500.00, Jennifer Whitenack $3,092.00, Crozet;  Paula White and Gay Baker $4,000.00, Yancey;  Bird Dierking, Blair Davis, Tim Howeth and Staci England $5,000.00. 


Better Living, Inc. has awarded five Albemarle County Public School teachers Staff Development Stipends in the amount of $1,000.00 each under the Golden Apple Award.  Recipients include Jeanette Abell, Brownsville Elementary;  Geisha Goodman, Stone Robinson;  Marcy Klug, Henley Middle;  Thomas McMurdo, Jack Jouett Middle;  and Rolf Mann, Monticello High.




Appropriation #2007018                                                                                                         $36,826,521.22


Revenue Source:                        Local Government CIP Fund Balance       $36,826,521.22


This request reappropriates the remaining balances of General Fund Capital Improvement projects and programs that were uncompleted as of June 30, 2006. 



Appropriation #2007019                                                                                                              $ 32,117.00


Revenue Source:                        State Revenue                                       $  2,500.00

                                                            Federal Revenue                                    $29,617.00



The Sheriffs’ Department has been awarded the following two grants:


The Office of the Attorney General has awarded the Sheriff’s Department a grant in the amount of $2,500.00 with a local match of $250.00 for a total grant award of $2,750.00.  The purpose of this grant is to purchase equipment and supplies to assist seniors in our area to “Stay Safe”.  These efforts are in conjunction with the Jefferson Area Board of Aging, Alzheimer’s Association, and the local Senior Citizen centers throughout the County.


The Department of Justice has awarded the Albemarle County Sheriff’s Department a grant in the amount of $29,617.00 with a local match of $166.54 for a total grant award of $29,783.54.  The purpose of this grant is to purchase automated external defibrillators (AED’s), Alzheimer tracking bands, and digital video equipment and cameras.


The local match for both grants will be made from existing funds within the Sheriff’s Department’s appropriated budget.



Appropriation #2007020                                                                                                            $1,704,938.09


Revenue Source:                        Storm Water Management Fund Balance $1,704,938.09


This request reappropriates the remaining balances of Storm Water Management projects that were uncompleted as of June 30, 2006. 



Appropriation #2007022                                                                                                           $2,946,766.30


Revenue Source:                        Schools CIP Fund Balance                                 $2,946,766.30


This request reappropriates the remaining balances of School Capital Improvement projects that were uncompleted as of June 30, 2006. 


Appropriation #2007023                                                                                                           $3,173,300.78


Revenue Sources:                      Local Revenues                                                 $   546,595.52

                                                            800 MHz Radio Fund Balance                             $2,136,438.33

                                                            Mobile Data Fund Balance                                  $   490,266.93


Several ECC related capital projects were uncompleted as of June 30, 2006.  This request reappropriates the remaining balances for those projects.



Appropriation #2007024                                                                                                           $  238,512.00


Revenue Source:                        General Fund Balance                                        $   238,512.00


FY 2006 expenditure savings, as reported in Section D of the FY 2006 End-Of-Year Financial Report totaled $1,310,000.  Based on Board policy, 40% or $524,600 is available to be used for new projects or initiatives.  Four departments have requested use of $238,512.00 as detailed below.


·         In June 2006, the Electoral Board increased election officials pay to be comparable to pay received by election officials in surrounding localities.  The Voter Registrar has requested $10,000.00 in carry-over funds in anticipation of the FY 2007 impact of this pay increase.  In addition, this office has requested $363.00 for badges that were purchased but not received by June 30 and $2,500.00 to purchase an upgrade for the demonstrator voting machine.


·         The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office has requested $21,600.00 for upgrades, maintenance, and expenses relating to the digital imaging equipment; $4,200.00 in part-time temporary wages; and $10,000.00 to repair and restore older books located in the Clerk’s Office.


·         The Fire Rescue Department has been working with the Human Resources Department to develop a pay-for-experience plan that would compensate new employees for previous firefighter experience.  Staff has prepared a preliminary review of existing firefighters and captains to determine parity based on this new plan and the FY 2007 impact of implementing this plan for existing staff.  Staff recommends $43,300.00 be appropriated into a contingency line item for this purpose pending further study and analysis.


·         Community Development has requested $146,549.00 in carry-over funds for the following new initiatives:

            Training – $10,000

This request will allow staff to pursue those training and certifications opportunities, such as Professional Engineering, AICP and E & S certifications which not only contribute to an individual’s professional development but also encourage employees to remain with the County. The department’s training budget is limited and the course reimbursement offered by the County does not cover the cost of many college courses. 


            Other Professional Services - $4,500.00

The WorkForce Investment Board  (WIB) is conducting a survey research project of the  Defense Intelligence Agency’s scheduled move to Albemarle County in 2010.  The WIB has requested a cost share of $4,500.00 to support an analysis of the economic impact of this move.  The total project budget is $23,850.00 and will likely include participation from TJPDC and perhaps other adjoining counties.


            Consulting Services - $75,000.00

These funds will be used to hire a consultant to research the options and provide recommendations for creating a Crozet Downtown Zoning District or Zoning Overlay District.  This project has been strongly endorsed by the community to protect and enhance its downtown, and is consistent with the main recommendations of the Crozet Master Plan.  Details of this request were presented to the Board at their September 6th  meeting.


            Part-Time Wages - $12,400.00

This initiative will provide funds for interns in Community Development to assist in the Planning and Zoning areas.  Interns in Planning will be used to assist with ARB work and historic preservation projects.  Their work has benefited the County in a time of increasingly complex ARB projects and continuing expectation for a high volume of review.  Interns in Zoning will be used to provide engineering assistance in site review and to supplement the work of our Civil Engineers and Engineering Technicians.


            Development Area Studies - $8,490.00

Staff has requested additional funding for potential costs associated with public meetings, productions, etc. associated with the Pantops, Rivanna, and Crozet Master Plans.


            Early Hiring – Chief of Zoning - $21,159.00

The current Chief of Zoning, who also serves as Deputy Zoning Administrator, will be retiring in February 2007.  This request will facilitate the hiring of her replacement in December 2006, three months prior to her retirement, allowing sufficient time to train and to lessen the impact of loosing a long-time employee with invaluable institutional knowledge.  This type of transition and training is particularly important for this critical staff position during a time of unusually high workload. 


            Consulting Fees - $15,000.00

In FY 2006, $20,000.00 was appropriated to hire a consultant to assess the current fee schedules of the Community Development Department and to develop a recommendation for new fee schedules based on direct and indirect costs of providing development reviews and inspection services.  An RFP was issued in March 2006 and interviews were conducted with three firms in July 2006.  It is anticipated that the cost for these services will exceed the funds originally appropriated.  This request will provide an additional $15,000.00 in funding for this service.  The $20,000.00 has previously been reappropriated as an uncompleted project.



Appropriation #2007025                                                                                                           $  354,740.64


Revenue Source:                        General Fund Balance                                        $   354,740.64


Five departments have requested reappropriation of $354,740.64 for uncompleted projects:


·         The Finance Department has requested the use of $15,000.00 in funds for temporary help in anticipation of staff training relating to the new financial management and payroll systems.


·         Information Technology has requested the use of $44,282.12 to assist with costs associated with training and implementation of the new financial management and payroll systems.


·         The four new police officers approved for FY 2006 were not hired until August 2006 August 2006.  The Police Department has requested $11,000.00 in carry over funds for uniforms and ammunition for these new officers.  These funds were appropriated in FY 2006 as a part of the costs for the new officers. 


·         General Services has requested the reappropriation of $265,158.52 in unexpended funds for contract services relating to Keene Landfill, median mowing, and storm water. 


·         At the end of FY 2006 there was $19,300.00 in unexpended funds for groundwater monitoring.  It is anticipated that these funds will be used in FY 2007. Community Development has requested reappropriation of these unexpended funds.


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