SP 2005-00029 Pro Distribution



A special use permit is requested for Subordinate Retail Sales exceeding 15 percent of the floor area of the main use on property zoned LI Light Industrial.










May 23, 2006



July 5, 2006




OWNERS/APPLICANTS: Mass Enterprises of Virginia, Inc.  (Mr. William A. Masselli)




The Pro Distribution site is a 3.8 acre parcel, zoned Light Industrial (LI) and located on Three Notch’d Road in Crozet, just west of the entrance to Western Ridge and the Martha Jefferson medical building. (Attachment A and B)There are currently two businesses operated from the property, a trucking/distribution business which wholesales tires and self storage. The applicant currently sells retail tires from the site and no expansion of retail sales is proposed.  The Zoning Ordinance allows subordinate retail sales by-right if the floor area of the retail sales is less than 15 percent of the floor area of the main use by-right in the LI Zoning District. Changes to the buildings and uses on the site will result in the area of retail sales being a larger percentage of the main use. The proposal is to allow subordinate retail sales up to 26 percent of the floor area of the main use, which is wholesale tires/distribution for allowing retail sales, within an existing 3,780 square foot building. Any increase in subordinate retail sales beyond 15 percent requires special use permit approval. 




The property is in transition and the trucking/distribution business will be scaled back and the self-storage business expanded.  The applicant has submitted a site plan where buildings currently used for the trucking business will be removed for self-storage buildings. Those existing trucking/distribution buildings currently contribute to the square footage of floor area used to determine the percentage of subordinate retail sales. Once those buildings are removed, the percentage of subordinate retail sales will increase and this is why the special use permit will be required to continue retail tire sales. 


Some uses on the property are not currently in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.  However, Zoning violations do not relate to this special use permit request in that they are not associated with the wholesale tire or retail tire businesses.  




The special use permit is to allow retail sales for 26% of the floor area of the main use. Staff is recommending that retail sales of up 30% be permitted to allow some flexibility to the applicant.  The special use permit has been reviewed for the appropriateness of the additional area, beyond the 15% that is permitted by-right, devoted to retail sales. The applicant is not proposing physical changes with this special use permit and impacts from the retail tire sales are expected to be minimal.


Factors Favorable to this request:

o        Retail tire sales is a use not presently in Crozet and could serve residents tire needs reducing trips to Charlottesville for that use.


Unfavorable factors to this request:

o        Some uses on the site are not currently in compliance with the Zoning Ordinance.




Staff recommends approval of SP 2005-029 with the following conditions of approval as noted at the end of this report.


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