2007 Legislative Priorities




Receive Board input on and approval of the proposed 2007 Legislative Priorities to be submitted to the TJPDC and VACo




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July 5, 2006


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In July 2005, the Board of Supervisors approved the County’s 2006 Legislative Priorities that were submitted to the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) and the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC). In December 2005, the Board approved the TJPDC’s legislative program that incorporated the County’s 2006 Legislative Priorities. The General Assembly began its session in January 2006 and while (as of June 16) a biennial budget has not been adopted for the upcoming fiscal years, action on all other legislative matters is complete. Staff is providing this executive summary to receive the Board’s input and approval before submitting the proposed 2007 Legislative Priorities (Attachment A) to the TJPDC and VACo.



Protect the County's Natural, Scenic and Historic Resources; Enhance the Quality of Life for all Albemarle County Citizens; Provide Effective and Efficient County services to the public in a courteous and equitable manner.



For information on how the County’s 2006 Legislative Priorities fared in the legislature, please see the “2006 Legislative Priorities Report” (Attachment B). The report details any action taken on priorities, an assessment of what priorities should be continued in the future and links to the final legislative reports of the TJPDC, VACo and Virginia Municipal League (VML).


Beyond the 2006 Legislative Priorities that are being carried forward or modified, the Board should be aware of several new priorities staff has proposed:


Use of Primary Funding on Urban Construction Projects: This request would allow state primary funds to be used for the widening of Rt. 29 from Hydraulic Rd. to the Rt. 250 Bypass and an additional ramp in front of Best Buy. These improvements were the top recommendation from the transportation study completed two years ago that examined  traffic in the Rt. 29, Rt. 250 and Hydraulic Rd area. Without a change to the Code to allow such funding, the aforementioned Rt. 29 improvements are unlikely to be funded.


Child Care for Low Income Working Families: Due to an expanded mandate that the federal government did not fully fund and action by the state to not provide funding for this program, funding for childcare assistance for low-income working families has been reduced substantially. Local governments already provide funding for this program, which relies on state support. This program helps working-class parents pay for supervised day care facilities and supports efforts for families to become self-sufficient. This request asks the state to provide sufficient matching funds for the program. It is important to note that a 10% local match will be required for additional matching funds provided by the state. The exact fiscal impact will depend on state funding, if any.


Personal Property Tax Relief: Until the most recent fiscal year, the state has historically provided 70% tax relief under the Personal Property Tax Relief Act (PPTRA). With recent action, the legislature has capped the amount of tax relief to be

distributed to localities. However, as the number and value of vehicles increase in a locality, the proportion of tax relief a citizen receives will decrease, resulting in higher personal property tax bills. This request asks the legislature to fund the PPTRA at the 70% relief level.


After the Board’s approval, staff will submit the adopted priorities to VACo and the TJPDC for consideration into their respective legislative programs. The Board may request legislation or other priorities at anytime after this date; however, in submitting priorities to VACo, now is the optimal time for consideration of any proposal. The 2007 TJPDC Legislative Program will come back to the Board in the fall for further input and approval.



While there are no specific, identifiable budget impacts, the County’s legislative priorities seek to ensure the state adequately funds its mandated responsibilities and does not jeopardize the County’s ability to effectively and efficiently implement the policies (including fiscal) and programs that it deems necessary.



Staff recommends the Board approve the proposed 2007 Legislative Priorities (Attachment A) for submission to VACo and the TJPDC.  If the Board wishes to add to, omit from or amend the proposed Legislative Priorities, this item should be pulled from the consent agenda for discussion and further direction.



Attachment A – Proposed 2007 Legislative Priorities

Attachment B – 2006 Legislative Priorities Report

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