FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan Work Session #4



To obtain further guidance regarding the

FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan affordable housing priority



Tucker, Foley, White, Davis, White






April 12, 2006


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On September 9, 2005, the Board initiated the County’s FY 07 – FY10 strategic plan.  The Board 1) reviewed the County’s Vision and Mission statements, 2) identified five goals for inclusion in the FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan, and 3) identified and voted on top priorities for this time period. 


On November 2, 2005, the Board reviewed the results of the retreat and made several suggestions to clarify further their priorities for staff.  On December 6, the Board received an updated Executive Summary that included the recommendations made by the Board during their November 2nd meeting.


To finalize the upcoming Strategic Plan, staff has scheduled work sessions with the Board to provide additional analysis on the priority issues and to receive more specific direction as necessary. The purpose of these efforts is to make the FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan statements clear, actionable, and results-oriented in order to best focus and drive staff’s strategic efforts in the years ahead.


On January 11, 2006 and February 8, 2006, staff held work sessions with the Board to discuss and review staff’s recommendations regarding the Board’s conservation easements, transportation, and education-related strategic priorities.  After the work session and additional Board input, modifications have been made to these priority statements. These updated statements have been included in the updated strategic plan framework. (See Attachment A).


On April 5, a third work session was held in order for the Board to provide direction to staff regarding natural resources, with a special emphasis on water resources.  In addition, the Board was asked to provide guidance regarding the Strategic Plan priorities regarding the Master Plan Schedule and the Rural Area Plan Implementation as part of the Community Development Department’s work plan work session on April 5.




Development of the FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan




The April 12 work session will focus on the following priority statement identified at the Board’s September 05 Strategic Plan Retreat: 


Goal:  Enhance the Quality of Life

Priority:  Develop and implement a housing policy that works.


The attached white paper outlines the County’s current efforts regarding affordable housing, as well as challenges the County faces, and opportunities the County is pursuing, regarding this complex issue. It also provides staff’s recommendation regarding an approach to affordable housing to be undertaken in the upcoming strategic plan.


The draft FY 07 – FY 10 strategic plan is slated to be completed by June. There will be a 30 day public review period prior to the Board considering the plan for approval in July 06.




The Board’s identified strategic priorities provide direction to the County during the budget cycle.




Staff recommends:


The Board 1) review the attached white paper on affordable housing, 2) discuss and provide guidance regarding affordable housing and 3) approve the inclusion of the following statement in the draft FY 07 – FY 10 Strategic Plan:


Working in partnership with others, increase affordable housing opportunities for those who work and/or live in Albemarle County.




Attachment A – Updated Strategic Plan Framework

Attachment B- White Paper: Affordable Housing

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