To:      Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

From: Karen Reifenberger, Director of Fair Housing, Piedmont Housing Alliance

Date:  4/6/2006

Re:     Fair Housing Month Resolution

In recognition of Fair Housing Month, Piedmont Housing Alliance strongly supports the County’s Fair Housing Month Resolution.  All recipients of federal funds must perform an annual action to affirmatively further fair housing.  One such approved action is adopting a resolution endorsing the concept of fair housing and advertising its wording through the local media.


Please join us in celebrating Fair Housing Month.  Piedmont Housing Alliance’s Regional Fair Housing Education & Outreach Program provides fair housing services in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Louisa, Greene, and Nelson. The goal is to raise awareness and promote compliance with fair housing laws that protect us from housing discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, disability, presence of children in the family, and elderliness.  PHA’s fair housing activities include conducting presentations and seminars, implementing public awareness campaigns, responding to inquiries and complaints, and chairing the Regional Fair Housing Advisory Board. 


Over the past year, PHA conducted 29 fair housing presentations for 504 people and responded to 72 calls for assistance.  We have also provided the County with fair housing month poster displays and fair housing booklets for renters and homeowners. Visit our comprehensive fair housing web site at


PHA has been nationally recognized by HUD for its outstanding Education & Outreach Program, has received 6 consecutive years of HUD funding for the program, and has received an Excellent rating on each of its grant performance assessments (see attached letter from HUD).  Local support is critical in attracting this significant federal support of our program to ensure equal housing opportunity in Albemarle County; thank you for your support of fair housing.


If you have any questions about this resolution or additional fair housing activities, please contact Karen Reifenberger at 817-2436 ext. 106. Thank you so much.


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