ZMA 05-02 County Fire Station at Airport Road




ZMA 05-02 is a request to rezone approximately 1.16 acres which is a portion of Tax Map 32 Parcel 18 from RA to PDIP and to amend the application plan for the (formerly called) North Fork Research Park for a portion of Tax Map 32 Parcel 6a which is zoned PDIP.




Elaine K. Echols, AICP





December 20, 2005



January 11, 2005



The University of Virginia Foundation



The applicant is requesting this rezoning in order to add 1.16 acres to the University of Virginia Research Park (formerly known as the North Fork) for a fire station and to modify proffers relative to the size of the parcel being proffered for the fire station, land disturbance of the buffers, provision for future sewer extensions, temporary construction easements, and specific types of training for hazardous materials.  The property is located north of Airport Road and the location map is Attachment A.  The amended application plan is included as Attachment B.  Attachment C is the detailed plan for the construction of the fire station.  Attachment D contains the proposed proffers changes which were received on Friday, December 9, 2005.



The University of Virginia Real Estate Foundation applied for and was granted a rezoning for the North Fork Research Park for 525 adjacent acres in 1996; a requested amendment for setbacks was approved in 1998.  A copy of the previously approved proffers is included as Attachment E.   One of the proffers included conveyance of up to a five-acre site for a County fire station.  Because the Foundation now owns the adjoining parcel, it desires to convey a portion of the adjoining parcel to the County for the fire station rather than acreage located entirely within the PD-IP zoned area.  A rezoning is required in order for all of the property to be in the same zoning district.   The Foundation also wishes to convey area sufficient for a fire station, but, not the full five acres previously proffered.


The University of Virginia Real Estate Foundation has also applied for a rezoning for the entire adjoining parcel.  The Foundation wishes to submit this parcel in advance of the larger rezoning so that the County can construct and provide this important community service facility in an expedient manner.



Staff has identified the following factors which are favorable regarding this rezoning request:


                     The rezoning to PD-IP is in conformity with the Land Use Plan designation.

                     The fire station has been designed in accordance with a number of the Neighborhood Model principles.

                     The fire station is a needed public facility in the northern part of the development areas.


Staff has identified the following factors which are unfavorable regarding this request:


                     The proffers are missing key elements including a commitment to develop in accord with the plan for the fire

             station, a commitment to provide interconnections, conditions under which the property will be conveyed to

             the County, limitations on disturbance of buffers, and details on provision of sewerage disposal.

                     The fire station plan and the proffers are not consistent in some places.

                     Buffer disturbances are proposed in an area that was originally designated for preservation for protection of an

            existing neighborhood.  It should be noted that these disturbances are required for Lewis and Clarke Drive to

            be constructed and are being supplemented with new plantings. 

                     A septic system is proposed rather than a connection to public sewer for the short-term.



Staff supports a rezoning to provide for this fire station, a vitally important public facility in this area of the County.  However, at present, there are a number of issues related to the proffers that must be rectified before staff can recommend approval.  In addition, determination is needed by the Commission and Board on the appropriateness of the use of a septic system for the short term. 


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