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Appropriation #2006037                                                                                                                        $427,856.09

The Department of Homeland Security awarded the Albemarle County Department of Fire and Rescue a 2004 Office of Domestic Preparedness federal grant during FY2005.  These grant funds were not completely expended during FY2005 and will require reappropriation to the current year.


Appropriation #2006038                                                                                                                           $6,682.87

At its meeting on November 10, 2005 the Albemarle County School Board approved the following appropriation requests:


Red Hill Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $1,950.00.  This donation will go towards the purchase of classroom supplies and materials at Red Hill Elementary School.


Scottsville Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $2,500.00.  This donation will be used to support efforts and hard work, specifically in the area of helping students learn how to read at Scottsville Elementary School.


Baker Butler Elementary School received a donation in the amount of $2,232.87.  This donation will be used to purchase three LCD projectors for Baker Butler Elementary School.



Appropriation #2006039                                                                                                                        $107,591.31

At its meeting on December 1, 2005 the Albemarle County School Board approved the following appropriation requests:


Henley Middle School received a donation in the amount of $4,780.00 from their Parent and Teacher Support Organization. This donation will be used to pay the salaries for two positions:  $3,780.00 for the At-Risk Program and $1,000.00 for the library night at Henley Middle School.


Cale Elementary School has received two anonymous donations totaling $1,500.00.  These donations will be used to support the miscellaneous classroom needs of the students at Cale Elementary School.


The 2002 General Assembly appropriated funds to support the Teacher Mentor Program for participating school divisions.  This program is for beginning and experienced teachers new to Albemarle County Public Schools to conduct mentor workshops and work with principals so that mentors can provide teachers with meaningful and individualized induction into the teaching profession.  Funding for FY05/06 from the state was increased by $1,231.33 from the original budget amount of $8,354.  There is also a local fund balance in the amount of $79.98 from FY04/05 and may be reappropriated for FY05/06.


The English Literacy/Civics Partnership Project grant is federally funded.  This EL/Civics grant is a natural follow-up to the ABE, EL/Civics, Migrant Education, and Workplace services we offer currently.  It is designed to fully integrate ESOL students into the Charlottesville/Albemarle community, thus expanding and completing the “Web” that was introduced in the first EL/Civics round of grants in the spring of 2001 with Albemarle County’s “Web Project.”  The “Partnership Project” will place special emphasis on incorporating civics education into ESOL classes.  It will use already identified strengths to improve and enhance not only the ESOL learners’ English language proficiency, but also their understanding of and access to civic institutions in the Central Virginia area.  An anticipated corollary result of the project is an improved understanding in the community at large of how the community is a better place when all of its citizens can participate to the fullest extent of their potential.  The project is designed to employ those methodologies that have led to success in the past, to trust project participants to be able to do great things, and to aim for a community where teaching and learning are reciprocal, i.e., a community which puts the emphasis on how we are the same rather than how we are different and a community that recognizes that all teachers learn and all learners teach.  The competitive Adult Education Grant has been funded through June 2007 and, as in all ABE classes, the targeted participants are parents of Albemarle County students.



Appropriation #2006040                                                                                                                         $75,000.00

As part of a continuing review and long term planning process focused on providing efficient and cost-effective fire and rescue service to the Albemarle County and Charlottesville community, County and City officials are developing an RFP for consulting services to provide an objective assessment of possible opportunities for the county and city to work together offering consolidated fire and possibly rescue services.  The purpose of the study is to see what advantages would exist to both jurisdictions if there was to be consolidation of any or all services.


The City and County currently operate under a shared service agreement. This study would evaluate the options to regional consolidation.  The Request for Proposal does not imply any suggested course of action, but rather will initiate a consultant assessment process to identify options and issues related to partial or full consolidation of services that will help guide necessary decision-making at the Board of Supervisors and City Council level.  City and County volunteer and career staff will play an important part in the data gathering and issue identification portions of the consultant process.  No personnel will lose their jobs or experience a reduction in salary or loss of benefits as a result of any consolidation actions that might arise from this study.


While the Charlottesville/Albemarle County community has continued to grow and urbanize over time, creating new needs and demands for the overall fire response system, there has never been an objective assessment of issues related to the possible consolidation of any or all of the fire service functions.  This study will look at how services are currently being provided, and identify how the joint resources of the city and county could best be utilized.


Expected evaluation criteria of any type of a cooperative effort would include:



County and city officials believe that this objective consultant assessment will help articulate critical issues and assemble data that will be important factors in future decisions regarding the direction of long term fire service in the region.


The cost of the study is anticipated to be approximately $75,000.00 with one-half being funded by the City of Charlottesville and the County’s portion, $37,500.00, being funded from the General Fund Balance.


Appropriation #2006041                                                                                                                         $10,200.00

At their meeting on November 15th the ECC Management Board approved the use of $10,200.00 from the ECC Fund Balance to purchase the APCO Emergency Medical Dispatch pre-arrival instructions system.


At the present time the ECC uses an in-house protocol system developed by our Medical Director. The State of Virginia Department of EMS does not recognize our present system which does not allow us to be accredited by the Commonwealth. Dr. George Lindbeck, our medical director has approved us upgrading to the APCO system so we can meet state requirements.


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