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Charlottesville Residency Monthly Report




Construction                                                                                               Active Construction Projects


Route 649 (Airport Road improvement project) 0649-002-158, C501                          

   Original completion date:     9/2/2005                     Award amount:  $4,820,177

   Estimated completion date:  11/4/2005                    Est. completion amount: $4,744,289.84

       Roundabout is complete with traffic running thereon.  New Route 649 east and westbound lanes surface pavement complete.


Route 53 (Buck Island Creek bridge replacement project) 0053-002-101, C501, B601        

    Original completion date:     11/1/2005                   Award amount:  $1,644,187

   Estimated completion date:  11/14/2005                 Est. completion amount: $1,645,387.35

        Concrete bridge deck completed.


BP-7A-05 (District wide bridge painting project)                                                                      

    Original completion date:     10/31/2005                 Award amount:  $1,556,670

    Estimated completion date:  3/1/2006                    Est. completion amount: $1,556,670

         Old coatings removed and primer coating applied to I-64 west bound bridge over C&O Railroad ROW.  Note:  The contractor is 24 percent behind schedule and working at an extremely low production rate. 


PM-7B-05 (Asphalt pavement overlay)

     Original completion date:   12/1/2005                    Award amount:  $3,699,919.31

            Estimated completion date:  12/1/2005                 Est. completion amount:  $4,023,000.28



      Original completion date:    6/1/06                       Award amount:  $2,944,001.95

      Estimated completion date:  6/1/06                      Est. completion amount:  $3,288,649.45

Note:  Asphalt surface overly on Rte. 29 north and south bound lanes fronting the Hollymead Town Square. Development was added to this contract by work order.  This work was completed.  No other activity this month.


BR-7C-05 (Bridge deck repairs and epoxy overlay)

      Original Completion Date:  11/1/05                     Award amount:  $296,055.50

      Estimated Completion Date:  11/1/05                  Est. completion amount:  $326,867.68


TP-7B-05 (Secondary road pavement markings)

      Original Completion Date:  8/24/05                     Award amount: $112,455.31

      Estimated Completion Date:  10/29/05                 Est. completion amount:  $117,455.31

Note:  Original Contract Date is in error.  Contract General Notes indicate the correct completion date of 10/29/05.



Preliminary Engineering

Albemarle County

On schedule for spring 2008 Construction with ROW acquisition to begin in October 2005.

On schedule for a June 2008 Ad Date with ROW acquisition scheduled to begin in December 2005.

The Public Hearing is rescheduled for spring 2006.  Hydraulic review of design is in process.

This project scoping meeting was held on September 29, 2005.  The project will require the replacement of two bridges and a significant amount of rock removal to complete.  The estimate for the entire project is currently revised and the project split into segments for construction. 

This project has been moved forward on the plan.  The Scoping for the project was held on September 29, 2005.  The ROW is available and the project will be scheduled for construction in the spring, 2007, pending utility relocations.

Phase 2 from Doctors Crossing, Route 784, to Ashley Road, Route 1094, is currently underway and should be completed by middle of November.

Greene County

Project is on schedule for December 2006 Ad Date. 




Planning, Permits and Land Development


Land Development Items

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Special Use Permits and Rezoning Application Review



Site Plan Reviews for new Subdivisions



New Entrance Plan Reviews



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Utility Permits Processed



Inspection of new Subdivision Street conducted



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Traffic Engineering



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