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Strategic Plan – Results from September 9, 2005 Retreat



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November 2, 2005


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The County has an active strategic planning process that is led by the Board of Supervisors.


The Board established a FY03/04 – FY 05/06 Strategic Plan in 2002. In the fall of 2003 and 2004, the Board held strategic planning retreats to review the County’s progress and additional data, in order to make adjustments to the FY 04/06 plan as appropriate.  The FY 03/04 – FY 05/06 Strategic Plan’s activities will be completed in June 2006.


At the Board’s September 9, 2005 retreat, the Board initiated the development of the County’s FY 06/07- FY 10/11 strategic plan. This retreat was facilitated by Michael Chandler, Director of Education for the Citizen’s Planning Education Association of Virginia, and Professor Emeritus in the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at Virginia Tech. After reviewing the County’s progress, additional analysis of the 2004 citizen survey results, County data, and information provided by County staff, the Board 1) reviewed the County’s Vision and Mission statement, 2) identified and voted on the top priorities and 3) identified five goals for inclusion in the FY 06/07 – FY 10/11 Strategic Plan.



Development of the FY 07 – FY 11 Strategic Plan



The results of the retreat were as follows:


The Board agreed to consider modifying the County’s Vision Statement to read as follows:


Albemarle County will have (walkable) pedestrian-friendly and self sufficient communities.  The countryside will be rural.  The County’s natural resources and natural beauty will have been maintained.  The county’s educational system will be world class and the County’s quality of life will be exceptional.


The Board agreed that the County’s current Mission Statement be incorporated into the FY 07-FY11 Strategic Plan: 


To enhance the well-being and quality of life for all citizens through the provision of the highest level of public service consistent with the prudent use of public funds.


The Board agreed that the following five concepts be developed as goals to be included in the FY 07-FY11 Strategic Plan:


1)       Enhance the Quality of Life

2)       Fund the Future – commit significant public dollars for County’s infrastructure

3)       Protect Natural Resources

4)       Develop Infrastructure

5)       Manage Growth


Board members individually identified strategic priorities for the County and then, collectively, the Board voted to identify the top priorities for the FY 07-11 Strategic Plan. The highest ranking priorities are as follows:


  1. Enhance Quality of Life


    1. Commit to having an education system that is among the best in the state and nation (Top Priority)
    2. Develop and implement an affordable housing policy that actually works 
    3. Be proactive in promoting economic vitality 


  1. Fund the Future—Commit significant public and local dollars for County’s infrastructure


    1. Develop a comprehensive strategy/plan (involving others) using current funding and private sector/future money—both public and private, especially for transportation  (Top Priority)
    2. Fund our Storm Water Management Plan and other mandated activities
    3. Find a revenue stream for infrastructure improvements such as transportation districts


  1. Protect the County’s Natural Resources


    1. Increase land in conservation easements by 50% in 4 years in all ways— using both public and private sources and the use of educational means  (Top Priority)
    2. Implement additional strategies for resource protections—i.e.: mountain protection, forestry, and water


  1. Develop Infrastructure


    1. Over the next four years accelerate two regional and two local projects that would not occur without our extra effort including the Meadowcreek Parkway (Top Priority)
    2. Move forward in dealing with water issues by finalizing the comprehensive water supply plan and obtain its approval in two years (also, a comprehensive wastewater plan)
    3.  Implement an integrated Water Resource Management Plan


  1. Manage Growth


    1. Establish and Implement a schedule for completing the Master Plans for County Growth Area (Tied for First)
    2. Implement all strategies in the Rural Area Plan within 4 years (Tied for First)


The Board also identified the following potential strategies that should be considered as this Strategic Plan is more fully developed:


1.       Improve public/private partnerships as a priority

2.       Do a better job connecting governance to the citizens

3.       Work more closely with UVA, City, and neighboring counties in a more proactive way

4.       Utilization of talents in community to help solve our problems


Since the Retreat, County leadership has been collecting additional information on the top priority areas, identifying  potential outcome measures, and are working to “operationalize” the top priorities into measurable time specified objectives for the Board’s further consideration. 


A draft of the complete FY 07/11 Strategic Plan will be completed by May 1, 2006 and approved by the Board after a 30 day public review period. The new plan will begin July 2006.



The Strategic Planning Retreats are held in the fall of each year so that the County’s strategic priorities are identified prior to budget development



Staff requests that the Board review this information and schedule a work session on December 7th to provide further direction to staff as it works to “operationalize” the Board’s priority statements into measurable time specific objectives.


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