TO:                 Members of the Board of Supervisors

FROM:           Judy Wiegand and Lee Catlin

SUBJ:             Draft Assets, Needs, & Opportunities Report

DATE:            October 25, 2005



Attached please find your copy of the Draft Assets, Needs, & Opportunities Report for the Places29 master planning project. The reportís purpose is to exhibit the background material that the consultant team has compiled to serve as the foundation for the Northern Development Areas Master Plan. There are 14 maps attached that show both background and the beginnings of analysis of the Places29 area. This report and accompanying maps will be one of the items discussed during your joint worksession with the Planning Commission, where you will have an opportunity to ask questions and share your comments regarding this material.


Please note that, since the report is scheduled for completion after Charrette #2, some sections are missing and others will be revised following the two public workshops and other meetings to be held during the week of October 31. These sections are indicated in the text.


The Vision Statement & Guiding Principles are being revised to address the Planning Commissionís comments, as well as those from the Advocacy and Neighborhood stakeholder groups. You will receive copies of these revised items via e-mail as soon as they are available. We expect a final revision after the public has a chance to comment during the two workshops.


Also included is a revised schedule for the week of the Charrette, showing all the public meetings now planned.


Please feel free to contact either of us if you have any questions or would like any additional information.


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