ORDINANCE NO.  05-18(  )




BE IT ORDAINED By the Board of Supervisors of the County of Albemarle, Virginia, that Chapter 18, Zoning, Article III, District Regulations, of the Code of the County of Albemarle is amended as follows:


By Amending:


Sec.  30.6.2     Application.


Chapter 18.  Zoning


Article III.  District Regulations


Sec.  30.6.2 Application


The entrance corridor overlay district is created to conserve elements of the county's scenic beauty and to preserve and protect corridors: (i) along arterial streets or highways designated as such pursuant to Title 33.1 of the Virginia Code found by the board of supervisors to be significant routes of tourist access to the county; (ii) to historic landmarks as established by the Virginia Landmarks Commission together with any other buildings or structures within the county having an important historic, architectural or cultural interest and any historic areas within the county as defined by Virginia Code § 15.2-2201; or (iii) to designated historic landmarks, buildings, structures or districts in any contiguous locality.


a.   An entrance corridor overlay district may be established over any basic zoning district and/or any other overlay district, and upon the highways and their rights-of-way identified in subsection (c) (the “EC streets”), regardless of whether such EC streets are otherwise within a zoning district.


b.   Entrance corridor overlay districts are hereby established upon the parcels of land contiguous to the EC streets delineated in subsection (c), from the edge of the right-of-way to the greater of either: (i) the full depth of the parcel, as the parcel existed on the original adoption date of section 30.6; or (ii) a depth of five hundred (500) feet.


c.   Subject to subsection (b), entrance corridor overlay districts are hereby established upon and along the following highways:


1.   U.S. Route 250 East.


2.   U.S. Route 29 North.


3.   U.S. Route 29 South.


4.   Virginia Route 20 South.


5.   Virginia Route 631 South from Charlottesville City limits to Route 708 and from U.S. Route 29 North to Route 743.  (Amended 11-14-90; Amended 4-12-00)


6.   U.S. Route 250 West.


7.   Virginia Route 6.


8.   Virginia Route 151.


9.   Interstate Route 64.


10. Virginia Route 20 North.


11. Virginia Route 22.


12. Virginia Route 53.


13. Virginia Route 231.


14. Virginia Route 240.


15. U.S. Route 29 Business.


16. U.S. Route 29/250 Bypass.


17. Virginia Route 654.  (Added 11-14-90)


18. Virginia Route 742.  (Added 11-14-90)


19. Virginia Route 649 from U.S. Route 29 North to Virginia Route 606. (Added 4-12-00)


20. Virginia Route 743 from U.S. Route 29 North to Virginia Route 676. (Added 4-12-00)


21. Virginia Route 631 from U.S. Route 29 North easterly to the Norfolk Southern              Railway tracks.


(12-10-80, § 30.6.2; 11-14-90; 9-9-92; Ord. 00-18(4), 4-12-00; Ord. 01-18(3), 5-9-01)


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