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Update on Lane Auditorium Renovations




Lane Auditorium Design Update; Request for Direction





Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Shadman, Stumbaugh, Lilley




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October 5, 2005


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Staff received guidance from the Board of Supervisors in the fall of 2004 to proceed with a design of Lane Auditorium that retains the large venue capacity, is sensitive to the original character, and provides a means of conversion into a Board Room capable of supporting smaller audience sizes in an appropriate atmosphere.  A design team was assembled to work with Moseley Architects in this effort: Lee Catlin (Community Relations Manager), Ella Carey (Clerk, Board of Supervisors), Jennifer Johnston (Clerk, School Board), Sharon Taylor (Clerk, Planning Commission), Ana Kilmer (Clerk, BZA), Mike Brown (Information Technology) and Ron Lilley (Project Manager).  Their progress was presented to a joint meeting of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors and School Board on August 9, 2005.  As a result of that meeting, the Board requested staff/architect to bring back more options that would allow a narrower dais configuration.  In addition, the Board requested that the Planning Commission and other appointed committees and Board’s be given an additional opportunity to provide input before bringing revisions back to the Board.  Comments from the Planning Commission and Architectural Review Board are attached (Attachment A) for your review. The Board of Zoning Appeals had no comments.




Strategic Direction #4:  Serve the Public Efficiently and Effectively.




Based on input received to date on the design of Lane Auditorium, the County’s architects have developed the enclosed alternatives for your consideration.  These alternatives represent various options to provide a more narrow dais configuration, as requested by the Board.  Staff provides the comments from the Planning Commission and ARB (Attachment A) for the Board’s consideration in making any final changes to the preferred option. 


Regarding the input from the Planning Commission and ARB, it is important to point out that the decision to proceed with the renovations of Lane Auditorium was based on the Board’s desire to improve the public’s ability to observe and participate in the meetings of the Board of Supervisors and other Boards and Commissions of the County.  It was ultimately decided that the investment needed to provide a more functional space that provided adequate audio and visual aids should be made in a space that would have more versatility than room 241.  Because the architects were able demonstrate that Lane Auditorium could be designed with the flexibility to serve both small and large meetings, the Board agreed it was the best location for the investment needed in audio, visual and other improvement to better serve the public regarding their participation in the meetings.  In addition, the Board felt strongly about the need to renovate Lane Auditorium because of its significance as a community asset and location for various community events.  While also retaining room 241 for meetings is possible, it would require an additional significant investment in audio, visual and other improvements for it to be adequate to meet the Board’s original goals of improving the public’s ability to observe and participate in meetings. 



Finally, regarding the Board’s selection of an alternative configuration of the dais, staff has arranged for the Board to visit Lane Auditorium prior to lunch to gain a more clear perspective on the originally proposed configuration regarding the distance of the various positions on the dais from one another.  While the Board may still prefer one of the new alternatives, it will at least provide perspective on how much improvement they provide.  Some input up to this point has suggested that the original configuration provides more adequate seating given the varying needs of the County’s different Boards, Committees and Commissions. 




The County’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) includes $1,180,000 for the renovation of Lane Auditorium.  An additional $210,000 for audio visual improvements is also available for the project from the previous fiscal year.  




Staff recommends that the Board provide final direction on the dais configuration and indicate any additional changes that may be necessary to the proposed design so that final preparation can be made for the project to go out to bid in January.     




A – Design Comments

B – Dais Configuration Alternatives

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