Homeownership Month


WHEREAS,    the month of June has been proclaimed as National Homeownership Month in an effort to focus on benefits of homeownership and to increase homeownership; and


WHEREAS,    the County of Albemarle recognizes homeownership as an important part of strong communities; and


WHEREAS,    owning a home allows people the best opportunity to build wealth through asset appreciation and provide a stable living environment for their families; and


WHEREAS,    the County of Albemarle is supporting homeownership for those working families desiring to purchase their first home by providing homebuyer counseling, supporting HOMEBUYER CLUBS, and providing direct financial homebuyer assistance; and


WHEREAS,    the County’s HOMEBUYER CLUBS reached a milestone in 2004 with the 100th family purchasing their first home;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that I, Kenneth C. Boyd, Vice-Chairman on behalf of the Albemarle Board of County Supervisors, do hereby proclaim and recognize the significance of


June, 2005


Homeownership Month


in Albemarle County, Virginia.



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