STAFF PERSON:                                                                JUANDIEGO R. WADE

COMMISSION WORK SESSION DATE:                       December 14, 2004



 CPA 2004-05 Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Master Plan-Work Session.




This is a proposal to amend the Comprehensive Plan to include, by reference, the updated Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Master Plan. The applicant is seeking a resolution of intent from the Planning Commission. The Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport is located on Bowen Loop at the intersection of Dickerson Road (Route 606) and Airport Road (Route 649).  The Airport is located on 558 acres and is zoned Rural Areas and Airport Impact Area (RA and AIA). The Comprehensive Plan designates this property as Institutional and is located in the Hollymead Community.  The property, described as Tax Map 32 Parcel 10 is located in the White Hall Magisterial District


The major recommendations from the updated Master Plan include facility improvements resulting in additional air carrier and general aviation aircraft parking, T-hangers, conventional hangers, passenger and rental car automobiles parking, and construction of a deicing containment facility. The plan recommendations also include land acquisition necessary to achieve compliance with FAA design standards for the Runway Safety Areas and Object Free Areas, as well as the Runway Protection Zones. A medium intensity approach lighting system was recommended to enhance use of runway during periods of low visibility.


Purpose for the Work Session/Discussion:

This work session is to provide the Planning Commission information regarding the Airport Master Plan Update and provide an opportunity for comment on the Master Plan. The updated Master Plan is intended to be incorporated by reference into the Albemarle County Land Use Plan.  The 1994 Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport Master Plan is currently the County’s guiding document for airport operation and development. The Master Plan, specifically the Phased Development Drawing found in Section 7 of the Draft Master Plan will be treated similarly to a conceptual development plan (staff will identify this page in the Master Plan with a colored tab). Review and approval of the site plans for improvements are reviewed based on its consistency with the Plan.


Staff has provided a copy of the entire document to the Commissioners. However due to the extensiveness of the Plan, the applicant has provided a summary document (Attachment A), which provides an overview of the Plan. Bryan Elliott and Roy Lewis with Delta Airport Consultant, Inc. will present the Plan to the Commission.  Staff requests that the Commissioners not write in the document.  The Board of Supervisors will use the same Plans for their review.



 Planning and Zoning History:

The Airport opened at its current site in 1955. Initial construction on the Airport began in 1953. The original airport terminal building was constructed in 1960 and the runway was extended in 1966 to its present length. The new air carrier terminal building started in 1988 with a dedication in 1991. An 8,000 square foot snow removal equipment storage building was completed in 1996 and a ground level loading bridge was installed in 1999.


There have been numerous smaller development approvals for the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport. Some of these approvals include; rental car service facility, Rt. 606 relocation, employee parking expansion, minor amendment for storage hangers, and temporary overflow parking.


The Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport authority adopted this Master Plan at its August 18, 2004 meeting.  The Federal Aviation Authority provided finals comments on the Master Plan in November 2004.  These comments will be incorporated by the CAAA consultants, Delta Airport Consultants, submitted to FAA for acceptance.  The Airport has maintained a Master Plan for facility development since 1972. Prior updates include 1982 and 1994.   FAA requires an airport to maintain a master plan in order to be eligible to receive grant-in-aid funding through its airport improvement program.  There are no set guidelines from FAA on how often an airport master plan should be updated.  Each master plan includes forecasts of aviation activity that are applicable for 5, 10 & 20 year periods.  Historically, the Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport has conducted an update every 10-12 years.


Character of the Area:

The Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport property is currently zoned Rural Areas and Airport Impact Area [RA and AIA]. Areas to the west and northwest of the Airport are zoned as Rural Areas (RA), Planned Rural Development (PRD), Planned Unit Development (PUD) and Light Industrial (LI). The areas to the east and northeast are zoned as Residential (R), LI, Commercial Office (CO), RA and Planned Development –Industrial Park (PD-IP). Areas directly south of the airport are zoned RA.



Overview/Staff comments:


The Master Plan has divided future development into three phases. Phase I improvements are proposed to take place between 2003-2007; Phase II between 2008-2012 and Phase III between 2013-2022. While review and comment on all phases is appropriate, staff proposes the Planning Commission focus on Phases I and II, since these improvements will potentially take place over the next ten years. The Plan is revised every 10-12 years and there will be future opportunities to review Phase III.


The Master Plan identifies the improvements below for Phase I:

  1. West Side Access Road- This is a new road that will access proposed development on the west side of the airport from Rt. 743 and will be open to the public. These improvements are generally consistent with the 1994 Plan. Staff has reviewed the general alignment of the road submitted with the Master and conceptually supports it. VDOT approval of the entrance location and design will be required.
  2. Snow/Maintenance Building- This building will house snow removal equipment and material. Portions of the Airport property on the west side of the runway are within the Chris Greene Lake watershed. The lake is a back-up water supply.  The buildings/site will be designed and constructed to meet DEQ/EPA standards and will not have a negative impact on the watershed or the Chris Greene Lake.
  3. Land Acquisition- Purchase approximately 10 acres directly adjacent to the north of the Airport property to meet the FAA runway protection zone. Staff does not foresee any concerns with the C-A Airport purchase of this property.
  4. Taxiway A- Taxiway A will be overlaid to reinforce. No Comments
  5. General Aviation (GA) Tenant Parking and Overflow Surface Parking - Additional parking for expanding general aviation tenants. Because Airport Road is designated an Entrance Corridor, building within vicinity of Airport Road will be subject to ARB review.  The GA parking area (#46) may be subject to ARB review.
  6. Deicing Containment Tank- A new deicing tank will be constructed. No Comment
  7. T-Hangar- Construction of 14-16 additional hangars. No Comment
  8. Conventional Hangar- Expansion of conventional hangars. No Comment
  9. General Aviation (GA) Apron- The GA apron will be expanded. No Comment


The CAAA proposes the improvements below for Phase II:

  1. Air Carrier Glycol Storage Tanks- This is a "Tank Farm" for storage of airline aircraft deicing chemical in an approved DEQ/EPA manner.  Tanks will meet containment requirement of contents as required by the FAA.  The location is not and will not have a negative impact on the watershed or the Chris Greene Lake.
  2. Runway mill and overlay-No comment
  3. Multi-level Parking Deck- Additional parking area to serve airport customers, including long-term parking. The plan identifies decked parking at this location (both for phase II and future phases). Because Airport Road is designated an Entrance Corridor, buildings within the vicinity of Airport Road, including these parking decks, will be subject to ARB review. Staff has no specific concerns with the use of parking decks.
  4. Maintenance Hangar- Construction of a maintenance hangar. No comment
  5. T-Hangar- Construction of additional T-hangars. No comment



Once the Master Plan is adopted into the Comprehensive Plan, development proposals submitted for approval will be reviewed for compliance with the Master Plan (and other applicable County codes).




The applicant and staff are seeking Planning Commission’s comments on the Draft Master Plan. A public hearing will be scheduled following this work session.




  1. Master Plan Update Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Summary of Findings and Proposed Projects October 2004 (not linked)
  2. Draft Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Master Plan (not linked)

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