Fifth Street/Avon Street Mixed Use Complex, CPA 2003-002



Request to change the Comprehensive Plan, Land Use Plan designation from Industrial Service to Regional Service, to allow development of a mixed-use complex including community and regional level retail and service, multi-family housing, industrial service, connector road, employment and open space and park land uses.  The property, consisting of approximately 89.4 acres, is described as Tax Map 76M(1) Parcels 2A, 2B, and 4A, and Tax Map 77 Parcel 11E, and is located in the Scottsville Magisterial District between Fifth Street Extended and Avon Street Extended immediately north of Interstate 64, in Neighborhood Four.  Existing zoning is LI, Light Industrial and EC, Entrance Corridor.



Tucker, Cilimberg, Benish, Thomas




September 8, 2004


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The Planning Commission held three work sessions to review the Fifth Street/Avon Street Mixed Use Complex, CPA  2003-002 prior to the July 20 public hearing.  The second work session (October 14) was a joint meeting with the Charlottesville Planning Commission.  The applicant’s proposal originally incorporated a regional facility for Dominion Resources, on the site of the former Grand Piano warehouse.  That element has since been eliminated, and replaced by a request for additional commercial square footage. Currently, the applicant is requesting 360,000 – 380,000 square feet (SF) of retail commercial, 12,000 – 20,000 SF restaurant use, 4000 – 8000 SF bank use, 5 - 7 acres employment, and 12 - 15 acres parkland.  (Members of the Board have been given bound copies of the applicant’s CPA proposal individually.)


A similar Comprehensive Plan Amendment (Brass, Inc.) was submitted in 1997, for the western portion of the property.  It underwent an extensive review, including participation by the City.  The Planning Commission recommended approval of language changing the Comprehensive Plan designation from Industrial Service to Community Service/Mixed Use, and it was anticipated that the Board would adopt this recommended language.  The applicant withdrew the request prior to action by the Board.  (Attachment D, the June 8, 2004 staff report on this proposal, includes the Brass, Inc. language previously recommended to the Board.)




2.1 Protect and/or preserve the County’s rural character; and, 3.3 Develop and implement policies that address the County’s growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the County.




As a result of the previous CPA review, the need for more retail commercial inventory in this portion of the southern urban area was acknowledged early in the Planning Commission’s review of this proposal.   Consequently, discussion focused primarily on the form and mix of uses on the site, road design and alignment, and preservation of key environmental features during site development.  Although the Commission requested a more detailed concept plan incorporating these features, the applicant declined to provide it citing the general nature of a CPA.  Ultimately, the Commission recommended Comprehensive Plan language based on information provided by staff at the July 20 public hearing, relying upon a detailed narrative description to define the desired mix, character and limits of development on the site.  The Community Service/Mixed Use designation was selected to reflect the Commission’s belief that this site exhibits a more limited development capacity due to topography and environmental features, access, and adjacent development patterns, even though the proposed uses are expected to exceed in size and intensity those normally associated with Community Service. The continued importance of this site in providing employment opportunities for this portion of the urban area was also important to the Commission in its review, and a reason for the Mixed Use designation.  A schematic map is included with the Comprehensive Plan Amendment language, intended to illustrate the Commission’s recommendation for an interconnected road system on the site.


The applicant has submitted its own revisions to the Planning Commission’s recommended language, included here as Attachment B.  Transportation comments recently received from the City are included as Attachment C.  Staff will be meeting with representatives from the City and the applicant to discuss these comments.




Staff recommends that the applicant adopt the language recommended by the Planning Commission, and change the designation of this property from Industrial Service to Community Service/Mixed Use.




A – Recommended CPA Language and Map (Planning Commission July 20, 2004 public hearing)

B – Applicant’s Proposed Revisions to Planning Commission Language

C – August 25, 2004 Letter from City Assistant Traffic Engineer

D – June 8, 2004 Planning Commission work session staff report (with attachments)

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