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After the project has been identified as being eligible for the RRRP, the Department of Planning and Community Development will:


A.         Send notice to adjacent property owners within the project limits three months before estimated
            advertisement dateThe following information will be provided in the notice:

1.         Inform residents the road is eligible for the RRRP, and explain the difference between a traditional road paving project and a RRRP project.  The notice will indicate the County and VDOT are proposing to use RRRP standards for construction.


2.         A map of the length of the project and a graphic depiction comparing the typical cross-section for a traditional road paving improvement and for a RRRP project.


3.         Request that property owner contact the Planning Department within two weeks if they have any concerns regarding the proposed project.


B.         If a majority of property owners support the RRRP, VDOT will proceed with the RRRP after the Board of Supervisors supports the RRRP; VDOT will proceed with the RRRP after the Board of Supervisors supports the RRRP project in the form of a resolution.  Staff will work with those opposing the project to try to address concerns.



C.         If staff receives opposition to RRRP improvements from a majority of property owners, staff will schedule a public meeting in the area to discuss the project with the community.  The Planning Commission and Board member from that district will be notified of the meeting.


1.         Staff will assess comments in consultation with VDOT and make a recommendation on the type of paving  standards for the road project to the Board of Supervisors.


2.         The Board of Supervisors makes a decision (on traditional paving or RRRP) and forwards the recommendation to VDOT.  If the Board of Supervisors supports the RRRP project, its support must be in the form of a resolution.





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