WHEREAS, teen parenthood often leads to the teen mother dropping out of school, obtaining a substandard job, and becoming dependent on welfare; and

WHEREAS, children born to teen parents grow up in less supportive and stimulating home environments and experience poorer health, lower cognitive development, worse educational outcomes, more social and behavioral problems, and are more likely to become teen parents themselves; and


WHEREAS, eighty-five percent of all adolescent pregnancies are unintended according to the Guttmacher Institute; and                                                      


WHEREAS,  ninety out of one hundred sexually active teens, using no contraception, will be pregnant within one year; and                                                      


WHEREAS, teen sexual activity leads not to sexually transmitted infections, including HIV infection; and


WHEREAS, forty percent of Albemarle County students who answered the 2001 Youth Behavior Survey reported having had sexual intercourse, and



WHEREAS,  one-third of those students reported engaging in unprotected sexual activity; and


WHEREAS, an urgent need still exists to increase awareness and knowledge of teen pregnancy prevention efforts among young people, parents, youth leaders and others;


NOW, THEREFORE,          I, Lindsay G. Dorrier, Jr., Chairman, on behalf of the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, do hereby recognize 


                                                                 MAY, 2004 as


                                     TEEN PREGNANCY PREVENTION MONTH


                                                in Albemarle County, Virginia, and call its importance to the attention of all our citizens.

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