STA-01-08, Comprehensive Revision of the Subdivision Ordinance



Amend Chapter 14, Subdivision of Land, of the Albemarle County Code, to comprehensively revise the subdivision regulations by amending most existing regulations, repealing or adding other regulations, and reorganizing Chapter 14 and renumbering many existing regulations. 




Tucker, Foley, Graham, Cilimberg, Doherty


AGENDA DATE:                     

May 5, 2004


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Comprehensive revision to the County’s current subdivision ordinance is one of the major regulatory changes needed to implement the Neighborhood Model adopted by the Board in 2001.  Revision of the ordinance was identified as a high priority for staff and an extensive review process has been conducted over the past year.  Staff first reviewed the subdivision text amendment with the public at a focused discussion meeting in July, 2003 and brought a revised amendment to the Planning Commission at a work session in September, 2003.  The Planning Commission subsequently held public hearings in October, 2003 and January, February and April of this year.  At their hearing on February 17, 2004, the Planning Commission discussed the amendment and directed staff to provide them changes based on public comment and their discussion.  Staff made the requested changes and, on April 6, 2004, the Planning Commission voted 6-1 to recommend that the Board of Supervisors adopt STA-01-08 with minor revisions agreed to at that meeting.




2.1 Protect and/or preserve the County’s rural character; and,

3.3 Develop and implement policies that address the County’s growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the County.



The proposed revision to the subdivision ordinance represents significant changes over the current ordinance and raises a number of policy questions that will require careful consideration by the Board.  Based on discussions with the public and Planning Commission, it is anticipated that the focus of the Board’s review will be on the following elements of the proposed amendment:  (1)  making urban streets the standard in the Development Areas by requiring curb, sidewalks and street trees on new streets;  (2) providing for interconnected public streets by requiring connections to adjacent parcels;  (3) preventing drainage, erosion and driveway safety problems for residents in new urban neighborhoods by requiring an overlot grading plan; and  (4)   allowing for easier approval of private streets including administrative approvals.  Each of these changes will establish new requirements for both the development community and the County.  For this reason, staff will prepare additional information for the Board’s review at an upcoming worksession regarding fiscal, staffing, and customer service impacts above those considered by the Planning Commission.

The purpose of the discussion on May 5 is for the Board of Supervisors to decide on its process for review of the proposed Subdivision Text Amendment.  A copy of the proposed amendment is attached (Attachment A) as well as a draft of the minutes from the Planning Commission meeting of April 6 (Attachment B).  No other background materials have been included at this time; however, all background information will be provided in advance of the Board’s next worksession on the amendment.



Staff recommends that the Board hold a worksession on June 2 to review the goals and implications of the proposed subdivision text amendment.  This will include review of problems solved through the amendment, policy issues related to the elements of the amendment, how it is implementing the Neighborhood Model and its relationship with other pending ordinance amendments, and concerns raised in the Planning Commission public hearings.  Based on progress made at this worksession, the Board should be able to determine if additional worksessions are needed or if a public hearing can be scheduled at that time.  If the Board anticipates the worksession will not result in significant changes to the draft ordinance, or would like to get public input early in the review process, a public hearing could be advertised for June 9, 2004.


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