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Review Strategic Plan quarterly progress report,  provide guidance




Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Ms. White, Ms. Allshouse.







May 5, 2004


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In spring 2002, the Board initiated the County’s current strategic planning process.  The Board developed the County’s Vision, Mission, and Goal Statements. Staff developed a framework and timetable, targeted priorities, and incorporated changes suggested by the Board at their October 2002 and January 2003 strategic planning work sessions. This information was incorporated into the County’s 2003/2005 Strategic Plan of Action. The Board and held their annual strategic planning retreat in September 2003 at which time the Board added a goal regarding the County’s  future growth and urbanization.  The Board approved the addition of four Life Long Learning Goals in April 2004. Twenty four strategic initiatives were funded as part of the FY 04/05 budget on April 14.  The Board receives Strategic Plan progress reports on a quarterly basis.




January 2004 – March 2004 Quarterly Report



The Board’s strategic plan continues to provide focus for the County. During the past quarter, January 2004 through March 04 the following activities took place:


Strategic Plan Initiatives funded as part of the FY 04/05 budget: The Board approved $1.2 million in strategic initiatives as part of the FY 04/05 budgeting process. These initiatives include the hiring of four additional police officers and two firefighters to ensure our public safety systems continue to meet the demands of the growing county, funding to increase homeownership options, and funding for additional stream monitoring and park enhancements.  


Approval of Life-long Learning Goals:  The Life-long learning work group completed their efforts and submitted four goals to the Board for the County’s Lifelong Learning Strategic Direction in April 2004, The work group was composed of representatives from Albemarle County schools and government, UVA, Piedmont Community College, Bright Stars, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, the Workforce Investment Board, Boys and Girls Club of Charlottesville/Albemarle, Jefferson Institute of Life-Long Learning, Monticello Area Community Action Agency, Charlottesville Area school Business Alliance, the Virginia Cooperative Extension Services, and the Chamber of Commerce. The Board incorporated the following goals into the County’s Strategic Plan of Action:

An Action Plan work group, slated to include representatives from many of these agencies, will begin to work on implementing these goals in the upcoming months.


Development of “Outcome” Performance Measures:  A Strategic Plan performance measurement system is slated to be in place at the beginning of FY 04/05. The upcoming Citizen Survey that will be conducted by UVA’s Center for Survey Research will provide data that will be incorporated into this system.


Communication of the Strategic Plan: The Strategic Plan FY 03 FY 05 Plan of Action, associated documents, updates, and the quarterly reports continue to be available to the public on the Albemarle County’s website. A framed poster highlighting the County’s Vision, Mission and Values has been posted in the Board’s meeting room and will be posted at various locations throughout the County Office Building as well as the future County Office Building on 5th Street extended in the southern urban area of the County.


Progress on Priority Objectives:  Staff members are continuing their efforts to achieve the Plan of Action’s priority objectives by the slated timelines. Attached for your review is the quarterly Priority Objectives progress report, for the time period of January 2004 through March 2004.


In addition, the County’s strategic plan framework is attached for the Board’s reference.



Staff recommends the Board review this quarterly strategic plan progress report, and provide any additional guidance for staff at this time.


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