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Stormwater Master Planning, Financing Options




Work session on options for funding the stormwater program as a follow-up to the April 7, 2004 work session







Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Graham, Hirschman


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May 5, 2004


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Wednesday’s scheduled work session is a follow-up to the April 7, 2004 work session with the Board on the Stormwater Master Plan and will focus on stormwater funding options.  The County’s consultant, CH2M Hill, has produced a report on this topic that outlines several funding scenarios available to the County and will review these options with the Board at the meeting.  The degree to which various funding alternatives are utilized will depend on the “level of service” the County decides to provide to address stormwater management needs (see the April 7 executive summary for a more detailed discussion of the various stormwater program elements).



Goal 2.2: Protect and/or preserve the County’s natural resources.

Goal 2.3: Provide for environmentally sensitive government operations at the local and regional level.

Goal 3.1: Make the County a Safe and Healthy Community in which citizens feel secure to live, work and play

Goal: 3.3 Develop and implement policies that address the County's growth and urbanization while continuing to enhance the factors that contribute to the quality of life in the County.



Funding mechanisms evaluated in the Stormwater Master Plan include: pro-rata share fees, plan review fees, grants, the use of general fund revenues, and the establishment of a dedicated funding source known as a stormwater utility.  Stormwater utilities are enabled by State Code and can provide funding for a wide range of program elements.  Utility fees would be based on an assessment of each property’s contribution to runoff.  In this regard, a stormwater utility can be used to establish a service fee to fund the desired level of stormwater services. 


CH2M HILL worked with County staff to identify various levels of service based on the existing, mandated, and expected programs and presented this information to the Board at its April 7 meeting. After Board review of potential funding alternatives, staff will present options to the Board at its day meeting in June for proceeding with the establishment of a clearly defined stormwater program.  This will involve a decision by the Board regarding the funding alternatives the Board supports in achieving the desired level of service.  Due to new mandates and existing services, additional funds will be required beyond the current general fund allocation.



The purpose of the work session is to review potential funding alternatives with the Board and to receive input regarding the scope of the County’s future program.  Based on this input, staff will prepare alternatives for the Board’s consideration at it final work session planned for June.


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