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Public Hearing on Albemarle County’s Annual Plan for Administering Housing Choice Vouchers




Housing Choice Voucher Annual Plan for FY beginning July 1, 2004




Tucker, Roxanne White, Ron White


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April 14, 2004


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The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development requires each public housing agency to prepare a five-year plan for administering public housing assistance programs pursuant to Section 511 of the Quality Housing and Work Responsibility Act of 1998 (QHWRA).  Administration of the Housing Choice Vouchers makes Albemarle County subject to this requirement.  In addition to completing a five-year plan, an Annual Plan must be submitted each year.  A Public Hearing is required prior to Plan submission. 


Goal 3.2:  Promote a variety of safe, sanitary and affordable housing types.



The Annual Plan provides an outline for the implementation of the Housing Choice Voucher Program including information on current needs from the Consolidated Plan for the Thomas Jefferson HOME Consortium, the makeup of the County’s existing waiting list, and the proposed funding available for activities during the program year.  Much of the Plan is developed based on federal requirements with little or no opportunity for local discretion.  We have made some changes in previous years with regard to payment standards and preferences for admission.  We are proposing the following changes for the coming year:  1) Setting a payment standard at 110% for 3-bedroom units.  This will allow for greater choice in housing by increasing the payment standard to $1020 inclusive of utilities; and 2) Changing the structure of the waiting list to a lottery system rather than time and date.  This will ease administrative burden on the office when the waiting list is opened and will allow applicants to download applications from our website and mail them into the office rather than standing in line on days applications are received.


We are also including our intent to utilize up to 15% of authorized vouchers as project-based vouchers.  A conditional commitment of 24 project-based vouchers has been made to Whitewood Village Apartments. 


The Plan has been available in the Office on Housing for a 45-day review period.  The Housing Committee members have received a copy of the Plan’s Executive Summary and staff recommendations for revisions.  At their April 14 meeting, the Committee will discuss the proposed plan and make a recommendation for Board approval.  Any comments received during the public review period and comments received at the public hearing will be included as a part of the final submission to HUD along with action taken, or not taken, on the comments. 



After receiving public comments on the proposed plan, staff recommends approval of the proposed Annual Plan for submission to HUD.  In addition, staff requests that you authorize the County Executive to sign the attached PHA Certification of Compliance.


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