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FEMA Updated Flood Study & Maps





Inform BOS of the updated FEMA floodplain study and mapping.





Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Kamptner, Graham, Kelsey


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February 11, 2004


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ATTACHMENTS:     Summary of Floodplain Changes








The FEMA floodplain study & maps, currently being updated, identify areas of “detailed study” where the 100-yr flood elevations have been determined at specific stream cross-sections and delineate the floodplain limits (no elevation) along other reaches or streams within the study area.  Currently there are separate studies and map sets for Albemarle County, the City of Charlottesville, and the Town of Scottsville.  The Albemarle County study was adopted in 1980.  It was updated in 1990, but only included changes resulting from the Scottsville levee. 


Due to significant changes within the “urban ring” (including the City) and increased development in the growth areas, an update to and expansion of our study and maps had been needed for many years.  Despite our need, request for updates had been hampered by limited Federal funding for flood studies as well as the competition for that funding.  Fortunately the investments made by the County, City and the ACSA in the development of GIS and aerial mapping facilitated the process of updating the flood study and mapping of our community.




Goal 2.2  -   Protect and/or preserve the County’s natural resources.

Goal 3     -   Enhance the Quality of Life for all Citizens.




There have been a number of improvements made to the FEMA Study Report and Mapping.  A set of the “preliminary” study and maps are available for perusal in the Engineering Department.  The most noticeable improvement is that the study and mapping for Albemarle County, City of Charlottesville, and Town of Scottsville have been consolidated into one set.  Other significant improvements are described below:


·         Report expands and updates the community description and flood history.


·         Maps reflect the “Letters of Map Revision” FEMA has issued since 1980.


·         Maps are based on the topographic mapping provided by the County, City and ACSA and reflect the changes in topography and land development activity since 1980.


·         Map scales were improved.  The current map scales are 1 inch to 2000 feet.  The new map scales are 1” = 500’ within the urban ring, Crozet Development Area, and Scottsville.  The map scales are 1” = 1000’ for the remaining maps, except for the few maps along the edges of the outer perimeter of the County where the scales are 1 in. to 2000 feet.


·         Current “detailed study” areas were expanded along the Rivanna River and North Fork Rivanna River.  New “detailed study” areas were added in the Crozet Development Area (Lickinghole Creek, Powells Creek, Slabtown Branch), in Urban Neighborhood 4 (Cows Branch), and in Hollymead/Piney Mountain Community (Herring Branch, Flat Branch

       and Tributary to Flat branch).


Changes in the elevation and limits of the 100-yr. floodplain, due to the expanded “detailed study”, will impact properties along the streams.  The Engineering Department has visually compared the “preliminary” maps to the current maps and has summarized the more noticeable changes in the attached summary. 


The FEMA Regional Office met with Albemarle, Charlottesville and Scottsville staff members (27 January 2004) to outline their process and schedule for finalizing the study.  In approximately two months, FEMA will publish two public notices of the study/map update in the local newspaper.  This notice will initiate the ninety (90) day appeal process. Community representatives are encouraged to submit their concerns and comments any time before or during the appeal period.  After the appeal period, FEMA will address the appeals received and then proceed with an ordinance review period.  The targeted “effective date” for the new study/maps is 1 January 2005.




This update is provided for information only.  Please forward any concerns or comments to Mr. Jack Kelsey, Chief of Engineering.



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