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Review Strategic Plan quarterly progress report,  provide guidance



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Ms. White, Ms. Allshouse.



Strategic Plan Quarterly Report – October 03 to December 03


Strategic Plan Framework




February 4, 2004


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In spring 2002, the Board initiated the County’s current strategic planning process.  The Board developed the County’s Vision, Mission, and Goal Statements. Staff developed a framework and timetable, targeted priority objectives, and incorporated changes suggested by the Board at their October 2002 and January 2003 strategic planning work sessions. This information was incorporated into a FY 03/05 Plan of Action that serves as the County’s current Strategic Plan of Action. The Board receive Strategic Plan progress reports on a quarterly basis and held their annual strategic planning retreat in September 2003.




Strategic Plan FY 03 FY 05 Quarterly Report




The Board’s strategic plan continues to provide focus for the County. During the past quarter, September 03 through December 03 the following activities took place:


Economic Development Plans and Polices: The Board has formally adopted the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission’s (TJPDC) Regional Economic Development PlanThe update of the County’s Comprehensive Plan’s Economic Development Policy will reflect new data, coordinate with regional efforts and will incorporate strategies such as the promotion of business development in specific Master Planned Neighborhoods, when identified as necessary to their vitality. The update of the Economic Development Policy will be scheduled as staff resources become available and in coordination with the other Comprehensive Plan revisions that are currently underway. In the meantime, the Board plans to hold a public hearing in June regarding the question of joining the Thomas Jefferson Economic Development Partnership (TJPED).


Development of Long-range financial planning process:  Staff developed a long-range financial planning process that will better connect the strategic planning cycle to the operating budget and the capital budget. An annual business plan will be included in the budgeting process. Staff presented this recommendation to the Board at their January 7, 2004 meeting. Components of this process are slated to be incorporated into the FY 04/05 budget cycle. 



Development of Life-long Learning Goals:  The Life-long learning work group, composed of representatives from Albemarle County schools and government, UVA, Piedmont Community College, Bright Stars, Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, the Workforce Investment Board, Boys and Girls Club of Charlottesville/Albemarle, Jefferson Institute of Life-Long Learning, Monticello Area Community Action Agency, Charlottesville Area school Business Alliance, the Virginia Cooperative Extension Services, and the Chamber of Commerce, have continued working to develop goals for the County’s Lifelong Learning Strategic Direction. This work group has completed their work and the results of their efforts is slated to be presented to the Board for approval in April 2004.


Plans for new Goal regarding growth and urbanization: A County work group is finalizing the action plan (objectives and strategies) and timetable for the County’s new goal regarding growth and urbanization. The team presented their recommendations and received guidance from the Board in December 2003. This detailed action plan will be finalized will be incorporated into the Strategic Plan in February.


Development of “Outcome” Performance Measures:  A County work group, composed of members of the Leadership Team and Management Group, are continuing their work on a County-wide outcome-based performance measurement system. The outcome measurement system should be in place at the beginning of FY 04/05.


Progress on ten priority objectives:  Staff members are continuing their efforts to achieve the County’s ten priority objectives by the slated timelines. Attached for your review is the fourth quarter Priority Objectives progress report, for the time period of October 2003 through December 2003.


Communication of the Strategic Plan: The Strategic Plan FY 03 FY 05 Plan of Action, associated documents and the quarterly reports are available to the public on the Albemarle County’s website.


The County’s strategic plan framework is attached for the Board’s reference.




Staff recommends the Board review this quarterly strategic plan progress report, and provide any additional guidance for staff at this time.


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