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For a crime in progress, please dial 911

If there is any physical evidence related to the incident or if you need to get a copy of your police report sooner than 10 working days, do not use this Online Reporting System. Please call the non-emergency number for police service, (434) 977-9041 to request to be contacted by an officer to file a police report or come to the Albemarle County Police Department at 1600 5th Street to file a police report.


Your crime or incident must have occurred in Albemarle County. If the incident occurred in another jurisdiction you must file a report with the law enforcement agency in that jurisdiction.
This online report is for insurance and police information purposes only. Information obtained by this report assists in preventing future crimes by analyzing trends, locations and times of violations. It may also assist in the identification and return of stolen property recovered as the result of other investigations.


Do not use this online form to report:

  • Any incident that is happening now or has just occurred. Please call 911 immediately to make a report. 
  • Any type of violent crime (whether completed or attempted), including, but not limited to: assault, kidnapping, robbery. 
  • Any type of sex crime (whether completed or attempted), including, but not limited to: rape or sexual assault. 
  • Any missing person. 
  • Any type of stolen vehicle (whether completed or attempted), including, but not limited to: cars, trucks, trailers, motorcycles.
  • Any incidents of stolen license plates. 
  • Any incident (whether completed or attempted) involving breaking and entering of your home or business. 
  • Any type of traffic accident.
  • Any crimes committed against a person due to their race, religion, ethnic or national origin, disability and/or sexual orientation.

You can use this on-line form to report most property and nuisance incidents, including:

  • Destruction of Property/Vandalism up to $1000 
  • Larceny up to $1000 
  • Lost Property 
  • Noise Violations 
  • Solicitor Violations 
  • Past Suspicious Events/Persons/Vehicles 
  • Trespassing 
  • Aggressive driving or other improper driving behavior. 
  • Animal Complaint

Our on-line reporting system does not have the ability to screen your reports to make sure they fit into the above criteria. If you need help in determining what type of crime you are trying to report, you may call the Police Department at (434) 296-5807 and we will advise you.

If you request a case number, one will be provided to you for your records and insurance purposes. Your report will normally be processed within 72 hours; however, it may take as long as 10 business days to receive your case number. If you would like a copy of your report, please bring proof of your identification and your case number, to the Police Department Services Division at 1600 5th Street.

If your incident is not eligible for online reporting or you would like an officer to respond, please call (434) 977-9041.

If you qualify for an online report and wish to continue, please click the button below.