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AWARE Symposium

Monticello High School, with Help Save the Next Girl and the Albemarle County Police Department, will be hosting its first AWARE (Always Watch and Recognize (your) Environment) – Help Save the Next Girl Symposium.

The event is for the students at Monticello High School and will focus on self and situational awareness, social media safety and personal safety. Through diligent activism in education, victim support and legislation, the goal is to create a strong foundation against violence.

Ms. Trina Murphy, Detective Mike Wells, Ms. Darby Lowe and Dr. Jesse Turner are among the featured panelists. They will be speaking candidly with the students to make them aware of predatory dangers and will provide safety tips and information.

This is the first symposium of its kind in Albemarle County. We hope to expand the discussion to other county high schools in the future. We believe this is an important message for students and know it will be instrumental in protecting our youth against violence and/or predators.

The symposium is on Friday, January 23rd at 10:30 a.m. in the Monticello High School auditorium. The media is invited and encouraged to attend. We believe this is a safety message worth sharing.

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