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Representatives from the County’s Economic Development staff want to meet with you about your company’s products, services, hiring, expansion plans and all the factors that affect your company’s growth. We need you to tell us about the ways Albemarle County can promote the community’s economic vitality and a business friendly environment.

Here are a few examples of the ways we can help you grow your business:

  • Looking for a single point contact for Albemarle County business services?
  • Need help scheduling your project’s development review and the permit process?
  • Need an advocate with County government who can walk you through the necessary approvals and permits?
  • Need assistance in identifying “who’s who” in local government agencies?
Contact the Albemarle County Economic Development today to schedule a meeting!

Beth Pizzichemi
Project Information Coordinator

J.T. Newberry
Senior Planner

Employees and employers often find themselves in a desperate situation when an employer is forced to make those tough decisions of layoffs or closing their doors. The Rapid Response Program provides a wealth of information that can support affected employees and help reduce the amount of time they spend out of the work place. To learn more, visit the Virginia Employment Commission's Workforce Center's website.

Albemarle County’s existing businesses play a major role in the economic vitality of the County, and their long-term success is a critical part of Albemarle’s overall economic development strategy.  "Business First", Albemarle’s existing business retention/visitation program, is structured to connect these businesses to the information and resources they need to be successful in this economic climate. Through a variety of outreach efforts ranging from phone calls to one on one visits, the County Economic Development staff is anxious to improve communications, identify issues facing existing businesses and provide connections to resources, and strengthen relationships that lead to a positive business climate.

SWaM Certification means the process by which a business is determined to be a small, women- owned, or minority-owned business for the purpose of reporting small, women-owned, and minority-owned business participation in state contracts and purchases pursuant to State Code §§ 2.2-1404 and 2.2-1405. The SWaM certification program is administered by the Virginia Department of Minority Business Enterprise and is the Commonwealth of Virginia’s effort to help small, women- and minority-owned businesses with doing business with state government entities. 

Applicants to the SWaM certification program must complete the on-line application for certification and provide the required documents with the application to be considered for certification as a Small, Women- or Minority-owned Business.  County staff can assist in connecting entrepreneurs to resources in assisting with both Virginia’s SWaM program and also with Federal procurement certification programs such as 8(a). For more information, please contact Susan Stimart with Albemarle County or the nearby offices of PTAC, located at 2211 Hydraulic Road in the Workforce Center. PTAC is a non-profit, funded by Federal resources to assist local entrepreneurs with government procurement and certification applications.

Albemarle County Geographic Data Services provides GIS and statistical information to the public at low costs. Albemarle County maintains a considerable amount of data available on-line or by special research request. GDS staff can assist in helping an entrepreneur collect area maps and demographic and statistical information. If interested in learning more about what data might be available, please contact the GDS team at the County’s Department of Community Development, 434-296-5841, or see the GIS website for information available on-line.