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Albemarle County is one of several local entities responsible for implementing a municipal stormwater program under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System administered by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  The permit authorizes the County to discharge pollutants (from stormwater) into local waters from a municipal separate storm sewer system, or MS4.

The County is issued 5-year permits by DEQ based on Program Plan prepared and submitted by the County. Our first permit was issued in 2003; subsequent permits were issued in 2008 and 2013.

The Program Plan describes how the County intends to meet specific requirements in the following six categories called Minimum Control Measures (MCM):

  • public education and outreach
  • public involvement and participation
  • illicit discharge detection and elimination
  • construction site stormwater runoff control
  • post-construction stormwater management in new development and redevelopment
  • pollution prevention / good housekeeping

We are currently operating under and periodically enhancing a Program Plan to address new requirements in the 2013 permit, including pollutant load reductions as part of the Chespeake Bay TMDL. We encourage the public to review these drafts and submit any comments you have to the staff contact at the bottom of this page. The draft sections and their associated comment periods are listed in the table below.

Current MS4 Cycle  (2013 - 2018)


File Size

MS4 Program Plan

Program Plan Attachments

Program Plan Addendum


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Year 1 Annual Report

Year 1 Report Attachments


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Year 2 Annual Report

Year 2 Report Attachments

 2015   (1,513 KB)

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Year 3 Annual Report

Year 3 Report: Attachments A and B

Year 3 Report: Attachment C

Local TMDL Action Plan for Rivanna River and Selected Tributaries

2016  (610 KB) (18 KB) (570 KB) (3.7 MB)

Year 4 Annual Report

Year 4 Report: Attachment A

Year 4 Report: Attachment B

Year 4 Report: Attachment C

2017  (1,021 KB) (13 KB) (15 KB) (580 KB)

Year 5 Annual Report

Year 5 Report: Attachment A

Year 5 Report: Attachment B

Year 5 Report: Attachment C

2018  (1,358 KB) (30 KB) (23 KB) (588 KB)


Past MS4-related documents:

5-year MS4 Program Plan


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Year 1 Annual Report


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Year 2 Annual Report

Year 2 Report Attachments


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Year 3 Annual Report

Year 3 Report Attachments


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Year 4 Annual Report

Year 4 Report Attachments


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Year 5 Annual Report

Year 5 Report Attachments


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Staff contact: John Murphy