Water Resources Program  |  Colonial Basin Stormwater Repairs

In 2017, sinkholes and severe erosion were observed forming on and adjacent to a stormwater detention basin owned by Albemarle County. Historic sediment deposition eventually accumulated to an extent that it blocked the end of pipes that conveyed stormwater into the facility, causing stormwater to chart a new path into the basin by way of severe erosion. This erosion was encroaching on private infrastructure on the top of the side slopes adjacent to the basin.

In order to mitigate damage and prevent future erosion, Albemarle County excavated sediment deposits from the basin, backfilled erosion on side slopes, and relocated a stormwater pipe that outfalled into the basin. The pipe relocation served to mitigate the threat of future sedimentation clogging the pipe. In order to provide ecological uplift beyond expanded detention capacity, the stormwater facility was replanted with native vegetation that provides habitat for bees and other important pollinators. 

Post Repair

 Pre Repair