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Albemarle County Performance Management

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The County of Albemarle has selected several "key performance indicators" to track its workload, effective use of County resources, as well as its overall performance. Each County department defines and tracks its own set of performance indicators. Some indicators are also included that provide information on the state of the County. Each indicator is assigned a red, yellow, green, or gray distinction, showing the state of the performance measure as not on target, trailing, on target, or without target. This process is explained at the bottom of the page. Red indicators especially help identify areas where we will focus our attention for continual improvement.

What can you find on this website?

  • Click on the Departments (on the LEFT) to see their Performance Indicators
  • Human Resources, Information Technology, Finance, and General Services are located under "Internal Departments"
  • Published progress reports from the departments on each Department page
  • Published reports of interest (on the RIGHT)
  • Awards earned by the County in numerous categories can be found under Awards and Accolades


Helpful information about our data collection:

If a specific target has been identified for a measure,  it will be indicated on the chart. In addition, the County's progress or the trend of the community measures will be noted by the inclusion of a green circle, yellow triangle, or red diamond (seen at the right). Some indicators do not have targets; these will be noted by a gray circle.

Green Circle          Indicator is on target.
Yellow Triangle      Indicator is trailing; monitor closely
Red Diamond        Indicator is not on target.
Gray Square         Target is not used for this data.

The County has more influence over its performance in some areas than it has in others. The areas over which the County has limited influence are tracked nonetheless because they are important in identifying community trends. Either "influence" icon (seen at the right) will be displayed on each page.
 Limited Influence
 More Influence


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