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Albemarle County operates a federally mandated Energy Assistance Programs with heating and cooling components for all residents with economic need.

During the summer, the Cooling Assistance Program provides for the purchase of window air conditioners and fans, or for repair of cooling equipment an/or payment for electricity for households containing a vulnerable individual who is aged, disabled, or under age six.

The Fuel Assistance Program helps with home heating fuel and related charges. Benefits are determined and authorizations for deliveries or services are sent to vendors in December.

Crisis Assistance Program is intended to meet a household's emergency heating needs. This assistance offers heating equipment repair or purchase and/or a one-time only heat security deposit. Purchase of home heating fuel or payment of heat utility bill is available beginning January 1st.

Each of the three components has income and non-financial requirements.

For more information regarding the Energy Assistance Programs, please visit the Virginia Department of Social Services. Program Applications: Apply Here