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At its September 6, 2017 meeting the Board of Supervisors approved a resolution re-affirming the County’s commitment to addressing climate change. The Board resolved to continue to stand with cities, counties, and other public and private sector partners throughout the world to advance action in accordance with local and international goals. The resolution further committed to coordinate with community partners – such as the City of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia – and local stakeholders to develop a Climate Action Plan (CAP). The Board also chose to become a signatory of an open letter to the international community (“We Are Still In” Declaration ), committing to continued support of climate action to meet the 2015 Paris Agreement.  

The County’s climate action planning effort will build on past initiatives – particularly the Local Climate Action Planning Process (LCAPP), a multi-jurisdictional effort completed in 2011. The final LCAPP report illustrated examples of existing efforts by the community to reduce energy use and emissions at the time and – more importantly – provided recommendations to inform participants’ future planning and programs. The 2000 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Report will serve as a baseline – or reference point – for establishing GHG reduction goals and determining progress. 

The current CAP process will address a directive in the Board’s FY20-22 Strategic Plan to “develop/implement phase one of the Climate Action Plan to include high-level goals and strategies focused around climate protection and resiliency to locally address climate change.”


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