Community Development  |  Community Field Study Pilot

Albemarle County is gearing up to conduct a Community Field Study in the vicinity of Hydraulic Avenue and Barracks Road. What does this mean? Read on to learn more about this study. 

WHO: Albemarle County has contracted with the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission (TJPDC) to complete the survey.

A Community Field Survey collecting data on existing:

  • Street lights and signage,
  • Bike and pedestrian data,
  • Curbs and gutters,
  • Transit stops,
  • Conditions of public spaces,
  • Street trees, and
  • A windshield survey of housing.
WHEN: The pilot is expected to begin in mid- to late-February and conclude in late June.
WHERE: The pilot area includes the Hydraulic Avenue/Barracks Road area (Click here for a map)
WHY: Information gathered from the Community Field Survey may be used to: support the County's planning efforts; provide baseline information from which the public works strategy is developed; capture data that can be used to leverage federal funds for targeted revitalization; assist nonprofits in identifying areas for future rehabilitation efforts.


How will this information be gathered?
Surveyors will walk the area to gather data.

Will anyone enter my property?
No, all observations will be made from public spaces/right of ways.

Who can I contact with additional questions?
Siri Russell, Management and Policy Analyst
Phone: 434-296-5841