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Engineering is comprised of staff that review current developments, special permit requests for specific physical development, and also partner with other teams within Community Development for review, consideration, and inspection of construction of broader policy-related issues and plans. Erosion and Sediment Control plan review and field inspections ensure compliance with all County and State erosion control requirements. Water Resources Management provides plan review and field inspections to protect and conserve surface water and groundwater resources. Road Inspections element ensures that all new roads, public or private, are constructed to Albemarle County and the Virginia Department of Transportation requirements.


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Erosion Control/Water Protection
The condition of our natural environment influences our health, economic prosperity, and quality of life. In truth, clean water and healthy stream buffers are as important to people as they are to fish or frogs. The fundamental goal of the environmental team is to protect the County's natural capital so that we may pass it on to future generations. This is done through the implementation of programs that manage surface and groundwater, protect and restore stream corridors, and generally preserve the integrity of our natural environment.

Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) - Letter from County Engineer (PDF)