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Sign Number: 49 Planning Application Number: ZMA201600016 
Planning Project Name: Woolen Mills  Staff: Bill Fritz 
P C Hearing: 3/21/2017  Board Hearing: N/A 
Status of Application: Under review 
Additional Information: Sign 51 is also included 
Legal Description: ZMA201600016 Woolen Mills, ZMA201600021 Woolen Mills, SP201600027 Woolen Mills and SP201600028 Woolen Mills MAGISTERIAL DISTRICT: Scottsville TAX MAP/PARCEL: 078000000021B0 LOCATION: This property is located at the terminus of East Market Street and Broadway Street. It borders Moores Creek where it joins the Rivanna River. This is the location of the historic Woolen Mills factory. PROPOSAL: Request to rezone the property from LI, Light Industry to C1, Commercial. The intended uses of the existing buildings include residential development (See Special Use Permit), office space and restaurant space. Other by-right commercial uses would also be permitted. A new building intended for industrial use is also proposed. PETITION: ZMA201600016 Woolen Mills - Rezoning for 10.4 acres from LI, Light Industry with allows industrial and office uses to C1, Commercial which allows retail sales and service uses and residential by special use permit (15 units/acre). ZMA201600021 - Rezoning 1.54 acres of Steep Slopes Overlay District, Preserved Slopes to Steep Slopes Overlay District, Managed Slopes. The Steep Slopes Overlay District is an Overlay District to protect steep slopes. SP201600027 - Special use permit in the C1, Commercial to allow residential development. R-15 Residential under Section 22.2.2(6) of the Zoning Ordinance. Residential use will consist of 94 multi-family units on 10.4 acres for a total density of 9 units per acre. SP201600028 - Special use permit under Section 30.3.11 of the Zoning Ordinance to allow engineered structures, including, but not limited to, retaining walls and revetments made of non-natural materials such as concrete which are constructed along channels or watercourses for the purpose of water conveyance or flood control. The Flood Hazard is an overlay to provide safety and protection from flooding OVERLAY DISTRICTS: Flood Hazard, Steep Slopes, Airport Impact Area, Entrance Corridor PROFFERS: Yes COMPREHENSIVE PLAN: Community Mixed Use - Community Mixed Use - residential (up to 34 units/acre), community scale retail, service and office uses, places of worship, schools, public and institutional uses. Parks and Green Systems - (parks, playgrounds, play fields, greenways, trails, paths, recreational facilities and equipment, plazas, outdoor sitting areas, natural areas, preservation of stream buffers, floodplains and steep slopes adjacent to rivers and streams)  

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