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Sign Number: 18 Planning Application Number: AP201700003 
Planning Project Name: Boyd Tavern Market  Staff: Amelia McCulley 
P C Hearing: //  Board Hearing: N/A 
Status of Application: Under Review 
Additional Information: See also sign #19 
Legal Description: AP 2017-03 Boyd Tavern Market (Signs # 18 and #19: Appellant Tiger Fuel Company appeals the determination that the market proposed on Site Development Plan SDP2017-09 requires a special use permit for water consumption exceeding 400 gallons of water per site acre per day. The subject property (PARCEL ID 09400-00-00-3900 part) is owned by Virginia Oil Company Inc and is located in the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Interstate 64 and Route 616 (Black Cat Road) at Boyd Tavern. The relevant property is zoned Commercial 1 and Entrance Corridor overlay. 

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