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1 Tandem Friends School Middle School Expansion
5 Chapel Hill Structure
31 Virginia Asphalt Services, Inc.
40 Heartrock Day Camp
41 Old Trail Village
46 Gordonsville-Somerset Rebuild Project
47 5th Street Station-Drive Through Windows
48 5th Street Station-Drive Through Windows
51 Old Trail Village
60 Crozet Square
61 North Pointe Middle Entrance Amendment
62 Crozet Square
75 Commonwealth Senior Living
77 Commonwealth Senior Living
79 Olivet Presbyterian Church Preschool
80 Olivet Presbyterian Church Preschool
81 /Montessori Community School
82 /Montessori Community School
84 Canaan Christian Church
113 Montessori Community School
118 Montessori Community School

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For any of these items please email or call the appropriate department to verify the dates for the public hearing(s). These dates are currently for tracking purposes and may change without notice on this webpage.

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