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1 Tandem Friends School – Middle School Expansion
3 Chapman Grove Baptist Church
11 Grand Property Signage
24 Hollymead Town Center (A-2)
27 Albemarle High School Communication Facility - Tier III Personal Wireless Service Faci
28 Albemarle High School Communication Facility - Tier III Personal Wireless Service Faci
31 Hollymead Town Center (A-2)
33 Hollymead Town Center
34 Avinity II
35 Out of Bounds
38 Hollymead Town Center Area A-2
39 Hollymead Town Center Area A-2
41 Old Trail Village
44 Verizon Wireless “Southland”/River’s Edge, LLC.
45 West Glen
46 Gordonsville-Somerset Rebuild Project
47 West Glen
48 West Glen
49 Adelaide
55 Hollymead Town Center Area A-1
56 Hollymead Town Center Area A-1
59 Springhill/Towneplace
60 Springhill/Towneplace
63 Rose Garden Family Day Home
67 Bojangles at Hollymead Town Center-Drive Through Window
73 Commonwealth Office
74 Glenmore K2C Proffer Amendment
75 Kapp Driveway – Stream Crossing
77 Kapp Driveway – Stream Crossing
78 Glenmore K2C Proffer Amendment
80 Chestnut Grove Church – Additional Hours
81 /Montessori Community School
82 /Montessori Community School
84 Canaan Christian Church
88 Avon Park II
89 Avon Park II
98 Drive Through Window
99 5th Street Commercial
104 Generations Montessori School
112 Salam LLC
113 Montessori Community School
118 Montessori Community School
119 Re Store N Station

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For any of these items please email or call the appropriate department to verify the dates for the public hearing(s). These dates are currently for tracking purposes and may change without notice on this webpage.

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