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3 Riverside Village
12 Riverside Village
13 Field School of Charlottesville
15 Burchfiel Renovation
18 Boyd Tavern Market
19 Boyd Tavern Market
22 Verizon Wireless “Carters Bridge” (Llandaft LC Property) Tier III PWSF
25 James River Runners Amendment
27 James River Runners Amendment
28 1640 Seminole Trail Auto Dealership
33 City Church
35 Shadwell Estates
36 Shadwell Estates
38 North Garden Farmers’ Market
39 Rivanna Solar Project
41 North Garden Farmers’ Market
49 Woolen Mills
51 Woolen Mills
56 Rivanna Solar Project
59 LL Bean
60 UVa Indoor Golf Practice Facility - Amendment
61 Crozet Square
62 Crozet Square
64 Crozet Square
70 James River Runners Amendment
73 Keswick-Tier III Personal Wireless Service Facility
75 Re-Store’N Station Amendment
80 Caliber Collision
81 /Montessori Community School
82 /Montessori Community School
84 ECC Bucks Elbow Replacement Tower
88 Avon Park II
89 Avon Park II
95 Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA Renovation and Expansion
96 Hogwaller Farm
97 Foothills Daily Property
101 Roslyn Farm
102 Roslyn Farm
105 ZMA201600022 2511 Avinity Drive
106 Willow River Veterinary Services
107 Willow River Veterinary Services
112 Keswick Hall and Golf Club
113 Montessori Community School
118 Montessori Community School
120 Stony Point Volunteer Fire Co – Tier III Personal Wireless Service Facility

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For any of these items please email or call the appropriate department to verify the dates for the public hearing(s). These dates are currently for tracking purposes and may change without notice on this webpage.

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