This page allows you to view the dates, times, and rooms of scheduled meetings and events being held in the County Office Building. Enter the starting date you wish to view in "From", and the ending date in "To", an optional Room and/or a partial or complete meeting title, and click on “View Scheduled Meetings”. To check other dates or rooms, enter the new dates by overkeying the values in any of the boxes. To view only one date, enter that date in both the "From" and "To" boxes.

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Enter dates as mm/dd/yyyy or mm/dd/yy

If you have any questions, or wish to reserve a meeting room, please contact the County of Albemarle General Services Department at (434) 296-5816 or click here for more information, or via email. Please allow a minimum of 15 minutes between the ending and beginning of meetings. The membership of any group or organization requesting the use of County facilities must be largely from the County of Albemarle.

This information is updated once each business day after 5:00 PM and is only current as of that date and time.

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