Police Sergeant
LOCATION: Police Department
Police Sergeant or Above

General Definition of Work:

Police Corporal is a first line supervisor responsible for the supervision, training, and direction of Police Officers. A Police Corporal will assume the duties and responsibilities of a Police Sergeant, especially those on the street, during the Sergeantís absence. They are responsible for directing the activities of a police patrol squad, traffic regulatory activities, detective investigations, training and/or the performance of special service or duties at police headquarters. As a first line supervisor the Police Corporal has the responsibility of consistently monitoring the overall job performance of police personnel to ensure adherence to department policy and procedures.

Essential Functions:
  • Calls roll at the beginning of the shift;
  • Inspects Police Officers for appearance;
  • Plans, schedules, supervises, reviews and evaluates work of subordinates;
  • Maintains attendance, leave and other administrative records;
  • Assists Police Officers during investigations and at crime scenes and ensures applicable regulations and procedures are followed;
  • Patrols the County to observe, supervise and instruct subordinate officers;
  • Responds to major police, fire and accident calls;
  • Reviews and critiques policies/procedures for Department use;
  • Supervises Crime Prevention activities;
  • Serves as Public Information Officer and releases information to communications media;
  • Evaluates and provides quality control of incident reports;
  • Receives and responds to complaints and requests for Police assistance;
  • Organizes personnel and equipment to respond to the scene of emergencies and disturbances;
  • Drafts general and special orders, training bulletins, etc.;
  • Conducts staff studies to determine personnel allocations, beat area distribution and shift times;
  • Performs related work as required.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Effective performance in this position requires thorough knowledge of: Department operations, methods, policies, procedures and practices; relevant Virginia Code and County Ordinances; the local criminal justice system; local geography, roads and landmarks; report writing, record keeping, and scheduling; crime prevention; relevant community resources, services and activities; media relations; personal computers, networks, and the records management system. Skills and abilities as a supervisor to include: Leadership, enthusiasm, honesty and integrity; ability to analyze problems and adopt an effective course of action; ability to motivate, encourage, and reinforce the best work from others; mastery of the use of police equipment; ability to provide clear and concise testimony in court; excellent emotional self-control; ability to deal firmly but tactfully with other employees and the general public; skill in good written and oral communications; skill in good interview and inquiry; skill in effective community relations; ability to work comfortably with all types of people; ability to maintain a strong client-service orientation; ability to handle multiple priorities, yet remain focused and get assignments done in a timely manner; ability to remember names, dates, numbers, and facts easily.

Education and Experience:

Education or experience equivalent to at least 30 college credits. Prefer graduation from an accredited four-year college or university, ideally with a degree in criminology, police science, public administration or one of the social sciences. Minimum of three (3) years experience as a Patrol Officer with at least satisfactory performance evaluations. Experience with data storage and retrieval systems, personal computers, and computer networking, digital phone systems, fax and photocopying machines, and hardcopy filing systems are all useful. Should successfully complete the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services course on Supervisory Training. This may occur during probationary period following promotion. SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Must have a valid Virginia Driver's License and a good driving record. Must be a Virginia certified law enforcement officer. Must have a clean criminal record, with no indications of use of illegal drugs or abuse of prescription drugs. Must be able to maintain appropriate confidentiality of information and documentation.

Physical Conditions and Nature of Work Contacts:

Must successfully complete the Police Department physical; must be able to operate motor vehicle under normal and emergency conditions; must be able to physically subdue and restrain an individual; sitting for extended periods of time; requires extensive walking, standing, running and frequent heavy lifting and pushing; requires working in adverse weather; flexible shift hours; (to include nights) and stressful and sometimes life threatening conditions; must carry a firearm and qualify at least annually with the weapon.


Performance will be reviewed and evaluated by the designated supervisor, using information from various sources to study and review the position holder's ability and effectiveness in carrying out the above responsibilities.

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Date (s) Amended:

3/1/2012; 9/1/2016

Police Sergeant

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