To:                  Board of Supervisors


From:              Mark Graham, Director of Community Development


Date:               20 November 2009


Subject:           ZTA-2009-001. Small Wind Turbines



On November 17, 2009, the Planning Commission recommended approval of ZTA 2009-001, Wind Turbines, by a vote of 4-0 with only one change to the ordinance.  At staff’s request, the Planning Commission agreed to include a small change to the draft zoning ordinance amendment to better define a “fall zone.”  The proposed definition is provided below and has been included in the version forwarded to the Board.


Fall zone.  A zone on the surface of the ground that is a circle whose center is the proposed or standing personal wireless service facility or small wind turbine (the “facility or turbine”), where the radius is measured from the outer surface of the facility’s or turbine’s pole or other vertical structure immediately above its foundation, and where the radius is: (i) for facilities, equal to the height of the facility; and (ii) for turbines, equal to the height of the turbine plus a distance of twenty (20) feet.



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Nov 17, 2009 Exec Summary and attachments

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