Ordinance Approving U.S. Route 29 and Hydraulic Road Intersection Official Map




Public hearing on an Official Map and Ordinance required as part of a proffer (Albemarle Place, ZMA 2001-07) for land dedications related to intersection improvements in the northwest quadrant of US 29 and Hydraulic Road.




David Benish, Jack Kelsey






October 20, 2009 – Planning Commission

December 2, 2009 – Board of Supervisors


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Adoption of the attached Official Map and Ordinance (Attachments A and B) is needed to meet a requirement of one of the proffers approved with the Albemarle Place rezoning (ZMA 2001-007).


Proffer 10 (Attachment C) requires the owner of Albemarle Place to reserve and ultimately dedicate additional lands needed for Route 29 and Hydraulic Road intersection improvements, including a possible grade separated interchange. Specifically, the proffer calls for the owner to reserve the right of way area until an Official Map or transportation improvement plan is adopted by the County that identifies the land/right of way needed for the interchange project.  Upon adoption of the Official Map, the County may then request dedication of the right of way from the owner.  The proffer requires that the County adopt the Official Map by December 31, 2009.


The purpose of an Official Map is to “show the location of any future or proposed public street, alley, walkway, waterway or public area” by establishing “the centerline and width of any proposed street or waterway, or the metes and bounds of a public area by either a physical survey or aerial photographic survey.”  Once an Official Map is adopted, the County may acquire property needed for the construction of any improvement shown on the Map.  A more detailed explanation of an Official Map has been provided by the County Attorney’s Office (Attachment D).




Relevant Goals:

1.     Develop Policies and Infrastructure Improvements to Address the County’s Growing Needs.

2.     Effectively Manage the County’s Growth and Development.




The attached Official Map identifies, by metes and bounds, the area needed along the frontage of the Albemarle Place development and the existing Seven-Eleven site for a future interchange at US 29 and Hydraulic Road (the northwest quadrant of the intersection).  The other three quadrants of the interchange are located in the City and are not subject to requirements of this proffer.  The interchange would be the most significant and land intensive of the future possible improvements at this intersection, and is an improvement identified the Metropolitan Planning Organization’s (MPO) UnJAM 2035 regional transportation plan, the MPO adopted “29H250” Study, and the recommended Places29 Master Plan and associated Route 29 North Transportation Study developed jointly with VDOT.


The proposed Official Map (and Ordinance) is based on a design plan and a maintenance of traffic plan for an interchange developed by the consultants for Albemarle Place (Attachment E).  The interchange plans were reviewed by City staff, County Office of Facility Development staff, Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission staff  (TJPDC), and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).  VDOT and County staff have accepted the plans and the associated right of way area identified on the Official Map survey as a viable basis for the right of way dedication.  VDOT received some comments from the City and the TJPDC that would be addressed at the time of final design for an interchange.


Please note that the interchange design plan reviewed for developing the Official Map has not been reviewed or approved for construction and an action on the Official Map does not in any way constitute VDOT approval of the actual construction, or design, of the interchange.  This interchange design plan and official map action only establish the limits of right of way dedication for possible improvements in the northwest quadrant of the US 29 and Hydraulic Road intersection.





There is no budget impact from the adoption of the official map and ordinance.  However, the dedication of land resulting from this Official Map will be in lieu of the ultimate expenditure of funds for purchasing this land in conjunction with future improvements at this intersection.





Staff recommends that the Commission recommend and the Board of Supervisors adopt the attached Official Map and Ordinance (Attachments A and B).





A – Official Map (2 sheets)

B – Ordinance

C – Albemarle Place (ZMA 2001-007) Proffer 10 (portion), Albemarle Place (ZMA 2001-007)

D – Official Map background information

E – Interchange Design Plan
October 20, 2009 PC minutes

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