WHEREAS, the County has received an offer to sell a conservation easement under the ACE Program from the owner(s) of the following properties:


McDaniel, James                TM 135, Parcel 15A            (    0.902 acres)    

(Scottsville)                           TM 135, Parcel 18               (  24.371 acres)   

                                                TM 135, Parcel 19 “A”       (  87.481 acres)                                   

                                                TM 135, Parcel 19 “B”      (  24.785 acres)                   

TM 135, Parcel 22             (  39.720 acres)

Total                                   (177.259 acres)


Garnett, E.N.                       TM 73, Parcel 25                 (113.000 acres)   

(North Garden)                                                                                                                    


Hudson, Michael                TM 100, Parcel 1                 (217.140 acres)     

(North Garden)


Sarah Magerfield                TM 73, Parcel 42                 (  38.000  acres)  

(North Garden)                     TM 73, Parcel 42A              (  70.860  acres)                  

                                                Total                                      (108.860  acres)  


Charles P. Hudson             TM 100, Parcel 20B            (   55.997 acres)  

(Walnut Creek)                    TM 100, Parcel 21               (   68.990 acres)                  

                                                Total                                      ( 124.987 acres)  


WHEREAS, the owner(s) offered to sell a conservation easement on the respective properties to the County for a fixed purchase price, subject to terms and conditions set forth in the proposed deed of easement enclosed with the County’s invitation to offer to sell, subject to any further revisions deemed necessary by the County Attorney and agreed to by the owner; and


NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Supervisors hereby accepts the offer to sell a conservation easement for each of the properties described above, and authorizes the County Executive to execute all documents necessary for completing the acquisitions.


            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Board of Supervisors hereby directs the County Attorney to send copies of this resolution to the owner(s) of the properties identified herein, or their contact persons.


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