Defense Intelligence Agency Rivanna Station Survey Results



Presentation of survey results of employees being relocated to Rivanna Station



Messrs. Tucker, Elliott, and Davis; Ms. Catlin and Ms. Stimart





November 4, 2009


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As a result of the Federal Base Relocation and Closure (BRAC) Program, federal military and civilian employees from workgroups associated with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency will be reassigned from facilities in Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. to a consolidated location in Albemarle County with the existing National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC).  A DIA/BRAC Relocation Advisory Group has been meeting for several years to analyze the anticipated expansion, to identify local, state and federal resources that may be available to assist with impacts, and to create an environment of support to accommodate the expansion.  The group is comprised of representatives from the Thomas Jefferson Partnership for Economic Development (TJPED), the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission, the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce and the Piedmont Workforce Network along with economic/business development and community relations staff from Albemarle and surrounding counties.  One important element of the groupís planning has been an understanding of the needs and desires of potentially relocating employees.  A preliminary survey of those employees recently has been completed and results will be presented to the Board at the November 4 Board meeting.



By June 30, 2010, the County will: Maintain a strong and sustainable economy; Increase the economic vitality of Countyís Development areas; and Increase the ability of those individuals and families, who are living in lower income households, to become self-sufficient.



County staff has been working for some time with DIA personnel and the Piedmont Workforce Network to prepare and conduct a survey of those employees who will be impacted by the BRAC relocation to Rivanna Station.  The County provided funding in the amount of $4,500.00 to support the survey effort.  The survey was designed by the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness at George Mason University and was administered and collected by the DIA Office of Human Resources.  The survey is seen as an important step in understanding the needs and current feelings of employees and their households and was designed to obtain candid assessments of the potential disruption that relocation may cause, what kind of help would be required to address the disruption, and to gauge current (best estimate) interest and willingness to relocate to the Rivanna Station area.  The survey will provide valuable demographic information and commuting/relocation preferences that will be critical to our regionís planning processes as we anticipate and respond to the Rivanna Station expansion.  As data about the relocating employees are made available, including housing preferences, family composition, etc., the DIA/BRAC Relocation Advisory Group will perform a more comprehensive needs assessment and formulate a plan to respond to anticipated impacts while maintaining the quality of life for existing residents in affected areas.


The preliminary survey has been completed, and DIA personnel, along with representatives from the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, are scheduled to meet with county staff and the Piedmont Workforce Network Board in late October to preview and discuss the results.  The survey results and a general update on the status of the relocation will be presented to the Board at the November 4th Board meeting.



There is no budget impact.



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