“Watch for Child Playing” Signage for Proffit Road




Request from residents to install a “Watch for Child Playing” Signage on Proffit Road (Route 649)




Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Graham, Benish, and Wade







November 4, 2009


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The residents of properties along Proffit Road near the one-lane bridge and one resident of property along Judge Lane near its intersection with Proffit Road (See map - Attachment A) submitted the attached request to install “Watch for Child Playing” signage on Proffit Road Drive (Attachment B). VDOT requires that the Board of Supervisors adopt a resolution approving the placement of a “Watch for Child Playing” sign before it will install a sign.



Goal One:     Enhance the quality of life for all Albemarle County Residents. 

Goal Three:   Develop Policies and Infrastructure Improvements to Address the County’s Growing Needs.



The County has developed the following criteria for reviewing a “Watch for Child Playing” sign installation request.  Staff has evaluated this request against these criteria:


“Watch for Child Playing” signs shall be considered on secondary roads.

Proffit Road is in the secondary road system (Route 649). This road has a daily traffic count of 4,000 vehicle trips/day.


The request must come from a Homeowner’s Association where applicable.

There is no formal homeowners association for this area.  The residents in a defined area of Proffit Road and Judge Lane have submitted the request.


There must be a child activity attraction nearby for the sign to be considered.

There is no formal established child activity attraction such as a park or tot lot on Proffit Road. However, there are no sidewalks along this road and children living in this neighborhood often walk or bike on the road to visit other homes to play.  In addition, the area just east of the railroad bridge consists of a number of homes that are located very close to the road.  Staff believes that “Watch for Child Playing” signage would properly notify drivers to watch for children playing along the road.


The installation of the sign shall not conflict with any existing traffic control devices:

The proposed location of the signage will not conflict with any existing traffic control devices.


This request meets three of the four criteria. There are no formal/central child activity attractions on the road. In addition, Proffit Road functions as a collector road and is not considered a subdivision or neighborhood type street.  Typically, staff would discourage “Watch for Child Playing” signage on this type of road.  However, given the presence of children in this area, the lack of sidewalks, the proximity of the homes/yards to the road, and the volume and speed of the traffic in this area, staff opinion is that this request for the installation of a “Watch for Child Playing” sign has merit in this location.



The cost to install a “Watch for Child Playing” sign is approximately $125 per sign, and VDOT will determine how many signs are appropriate.  Typically, VDOT has installed one or two signs for each designated area. This cost will be paid from the County’s Six Year County Road Maintenance Fund.




Staff recommends that the Board of Supervisors adopt the attached resolution (Attachment C) approving the installation of “Watch for Child Playing” signage on Proffit Road (Route 649).




Attachment A- Location Map

Attachment B – Letter Requesting Sign

Attachment C - Resolution
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