Arden Place [SDP-2009-009] Open Space Acceptance



Requesting that the Board accept 1.58 acres of open space dedicated to the County for a 15 percent increase in density under County Code § 18-18.4.2



Messrs. Tucker, Foley, Davis, Graham, Fritz and Gatobu





November 4, 2009


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The applicant is seeking final site plan approval for a 212 unit multifamily residential apartment complex. The development proposes to include 1.58 acres of open space that would be dedicated to the County for a fifteen (15) percent density increase as provided by County Code § 18-18.4.2.


The Planning Commission, at a hearing on September 8, 2009, approved a critical slopes waiver, a buffer disturbance waiver, and the preliminary site plan (with conditions).  The Commission also recommended approval/acceptance of the proposed open space with a five (5) foot pedestrian path that would meet County and ADA design standards, but would not extend beyond the proposed Carmike movie theater connection (Attachment F). The Planning Commission asked the applicant to dedicate additional land (adjacent to the Albemarle County Woodbrook Lagoon Project) to the County and the applicant agreed (Attachment D). In the Planning Commission staff report, (Attachment A), staff asked the Planning Commission to consider the dedication of a pedestrian/bike path that would connect Albemarle Square to the Woodbrook Lagoon Project, which the applicant was willing to do.  However, numerous residents from the Woodbrook neighborhood opposed a potential pedestrian connection into Woodbrook, which adjoins the other side of the Woodbrook Lagoon Project. The Planning commission specifically approved the site plan with no pedestrian connection to the Woodbrook Lagoon Project.




Goal 1:  Enhance Quality of Life for all Citizens; Goal 2:  Protect the County’s Natural Resources




The proposed open space with a path helps achieve several Comprehensive Plan goals. Pedestrian paths are important features in designated development areas because of their ability to create pedestrian orientation and interconnections (goals from the Neighborhood Model) and an alternate transportation option (Land Use Plan). The proposed open space with a path will provide a pedestrian connection between the proposed apartment complex and public facilities. The proposed five (5) foot path will provide the opportunity for pedestrians to walk to the Carmike movie theater and the Albemarle Square shopping center and Rio Road from the proposed development. Pedestrian access to the mentioned public amenities will provide an alternative to automobile transportation. The pedestrian path will be built to ADA standards, will be five feet in width, and will meet the County’s standards established in the Design Standards Manual. The owner/applicant of the apartment complex has agreed to maintain the path and the open space.


Since density bonuses are available through several means including the provision of affordable housing, staff analyzed the request for the benefits of providing affordable housing for a density increase at this location. After discussing the issue with the Director of Housing, staff concluded that while affordable housing is desirable, an abundance of affordable housing at this location is not desirable. Dispersing affordable housing is in keeping with the Neighborhood Model’s recommendation that affordable housing be integrated into many areas, not established as an enclave.




No budget impact. Applicant has agreed to maintain the open space and path.




Staff recommends the full density bonus be given for the proposed dedicated open space as shown on Attachment D. Staff also recommends that the Board authorize the County Executive to accept the dedication of open space after the County Attorney has approved the deed of dedication and plat as to form and substance.




A. 9.8.09 Planning Commission Staff Report

B. Aerial Map

C. Arden Place Site Plan

D. Arden Place Open Space Exhibit

E. Planning Commission Action Letter

F. 9.8.09 Final PC Action Memo 090809
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