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33.1-23.1:1. Unpaved secondary road fund created; allocations.

A. Before funds are allocated for distribution for highway construction pursuant to 33.1-23.1 B 1, B 2, and B 3, a fund shall be established for the paving of nonsurface treated secondary roads which carry fifty vehicles or more per day. Such fund shall contain 5.67 percent of the total funds available for highway construction under 33.1-23.1 B 1, B 2, and B 3.

B. Such funds shall be distributed to counties in the secondary system based on the ratio of nonsurface treated roads in each county carrying fifty vehicles or more per day to the total number of such nonsurface treated roads in the Commonwealth.

C. The governing body of any county may have funds allocated to the county under this section added to the county's secondary system construction funds allocated pursuant to 33.1-23.4. For each $250,000 or portion thereof added to secondary construction funds under this provision, the amount of the county's nonsurface treated roads used to distribute funds under this section in subsequent years shall be reduced by one mile or proportional part of one mile.

(1979, c. 84; 1985, c. 42.)


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