AGENDA TITLE:  CPA 2009-002 Crozet Master Plan Five Year Update


SUBJECT/PROPOSAL/REQUEST:   Review  of  Focus Areas for revision to the Master Plan and public process



Ragsdale, Catlin, Echols



AGENDA DATE:  October 7, 2009


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  ACTION:             INFORMATION: 
















BACKGROUND: On August 20, the Crozet Community Advisory Council (CCAC) endorsed the attached list of Focus Areas and process/tentative schedule to be used for the Crozet Master Plan update.  On September 15, the Planning Commission unanimously endorsed both the list of topics for the update as well as the process and tentative schedule.  On September 17, the CCAC decided to use the monthly CCAC meetings as the venue for the proposed five community forums which would cover the topics that are proposed for the update.


DISCUSSION:   The list of Focus Areas is provided as Attachment I.  It has not changed since the public reviewed it in July at an Open House in Crozet.  The proposed process and schedule is provided as Attachment II. 



The proposed process and schedule were created to guide activities between now and July 2010.  It reflects a minor change since the Planning Commission’s meeting.  The September 17 CCAC meeting was taken off the schedule since it has already taken place.  The September 30 Town Hall meeting is still on the schedule, though, for the Board’s information on what will have occurred by the time the Board receives the staff report.    At the request of the CCAC, the dates of known meetings have been included on this schedule, which is still identified as “tentative” because of the need for flexibility in sequencing topics.  Additional meetings may be scheduled if staff and the CCAC determine that need exists and the Planning Commission concurs.


Yancey Mills Business Park

The Board of Supervisors has had several discussions over the last few months concerning the timing of the discussion on CPA 08-02 Yancey Mills Business Park.  As the Board may remember, the Planning

Commission recommended that the Yancey Mills Business Park not be studied as an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan to allow for a rezoning of the property.  Although the Board did not study the proposal, the Board said at their meeting following the Commission’s meeting that the proposal should be considered with the Crozet Master Plan update. 


In December or January of this year, the Board of Supervisors will be receiving the study they requested on light industrial land availability.  The results of that study will inform whether there is a need for more light industrial land to be designated on the County’s Land Use Plan and/or a need to rezone more industrial land in the County.  If it is determined that there is a need for more land to be designated or zoned, then the Board will need to advise on whether more land should be designated or zoned for light industry in or near Crozet.  The answers to these questions directly relate to the Crozet Master Plan. The proposed land use map for the Master Plan cannot be finished until the Board makes these important decisions.


RECOMMENDATION:  Staff recommends the Board accept the list of Focus Areas for revision and update of the Crozet Master Plan and accept the general public process and schedule for developing strategies to address the Focus Areas. 




ATTACHMENT I:  Focus Areas List dated 8-20-09

ATTACHMENT II: Proposed Tentative Schedule dated 9-21-09

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