TO:                  Albemarle County Board of Supervisors

                        Charlottesville City Council


FROM:            Pat Mullaney, Director, Parks and Recreation, Albemarle County

Brian Daly, Acting Director, Parks and Recreation, City of Charlottesville


DATE:             September 18, 2009                                            


SUBJECT:       Athletic Field Allocation Policy Study



As you may be aware, the staffs of the Parks and Recreation Departments in the County and the City have begun work on an athletic field allocation policy study.  This work is intended to provide our community with a clear and transparent method of athletic field allocation that is equitable to all members of our community, as well as provide the opportunity for emerging sports and sports groups to gain access to public facilities.


Staff has begun the work of completing an inventory of athletic fields and compiling participation data from various sports organizations.  There are numerous issues that will require engagement with the local sports community to ensure that the final policy is equitable and honors the investment in athletic field development that the community has made over several generations.


The athletic field allocation policy study process steps and associated timelines are outlined below:


1 Inventory of public athletic fields at parks and schools in both the City and County.   (Completed by staff August 1, 2009)


2 Compilation of participation data from youth and adult sports leagues in the region. (Currently underway complete by September 30, 2009)


3 Conduct public involvement and focus group discussions with diamond field sports groups and rectangular field sports groups. (Begin in the fall of 2009 complete by December 11, 2009)

            Topics for discussion will include:         

                        Honoring community investment and traditional athletic field usage

                        Priority of allocation youth vs. adult; recreational league vs. travel leagues; non         

                        profit vs. for profit; City and County schools and recreation departments, etc.

                        Quantification of practice and game time required by sport

                        Process to accommodate new and emerging sports organizations

                        Use of lighted athletic fields

                        Maintenance frequencies and community involvement in routine maintenance

                        User group needs for additional athletic field development or renovation

                        Other issues as raised by sporting organizations


4 Compilation of results from public meetings/focus groups and development of draft policy. (Complete by January 15, 2009).  Distribute draft policy for comment


5 Conduct public meeting on draft policy in February of 2010.


6 Finalize policy no later than April of 2010


7 Implement policy beginning with the fall, 2010 season.


We look forward to working with our community to create an allocation policy for our athletic fields that meets the needs of our citizens; and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have throughout this process.




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