Appropriation #2010009                                                                                                                                                                                           $550.00   


Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue                          $  550.00                                                                                                           


Target Corporation has awarded the Police Department a grant in the amount of $550.00.  This grant will assist in the purchase of a digital SLR camera for use in evidence collection.



Appropriation #2010010                                                                                                                                                                                            $8,741.00


            Revenue Source:                        State Revenue                          $8,741.00


The Library of Virginia has awarded the Circuit Court Clerk's Office grants in the amount of $8,741.00.  The purpose of these grants are to preserve court documents in paper form until such time as they are able to be offered in a suitable reformatted copy.



Appropriation #2010011                                                                                                                                                                                          $274,798.40


            Revenue Source:                        CIP Fund Balance                  $274,798.40


This request is to carry forward balances remaining in the sidewalk program at the end of FY 08/09 into FY 09/10 for the Rte. 250/Westminster Canterbury sidewalk project. The design plans for this project are nearly complete and we expect to bid and begin construction later this summer. It is necessary to carry forward the funds into the current year before the County can execute a contract.



Appropriation #2010012                                                                                                                                                                                         $100,000.00


            Revenue Source:                        ECC Fund Balance                $100,000.00


We are presently negotiating with a vendor who finished first in our RFP process to replace our security system. The current system needs expanded and is outdated. The oldest computer system in the ECC is the one that controls access to the facility. The software is no longer supported by the vendor and the hardware is prone to failure. We intermittently have problems with the cameras and the hard disk that stores the images is no longer reliable. The new system will also allow complete camera coverage for our external doors. We hope to finish this project by September 1, 2009.



Appropriation #2010013                                                                                                                                                                                      $2,450,960.00


            Revenue Source:                        State Revenue                    $2,450,960.00


Federal funds were provided to the states via the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The General Assembly adopted a budget that included expending all of these state stimulus funds over a 2 year period. ARRA funds are to be spent in ways that meet the overall guidelines of the Act and also meet the requirements of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). The conceptual framework for the use of these funds is identical to that presented to the School Board on April 23.

ARRA guidelines are 1) funds must be expended quickly to save or create jobs, 2) funds must be used to improve student achievement, 3) funds will be subject to additional and rigorous reporting requirements, and 4) funds should be spent in ways that do not create future funding shortfalls when federal stimulus funding ceases in 2 years.

Funds are designated to fund capital purchases of technology, restore textbooks funding, improve technology infrastructure, provide 4 FTEs of technology staffing, and purchase testing materials
. The technology positions are two-year grant funded positions, and all hires are being informed that their positions are only guaranteed for the years in which the funds are available. These positions will be used to install and support the technology deployment over the next 2 years.


This appropriation was approved by the School Board at their June 11, 2009 meeting.




Appropriation #2010014                                                                                                                                                                                           $317,688.90


            Revenue Source:                        Federal Revenue                    $104,879.90

                                                            Fund Balance                        $212,809.00


During the School Board retreat, there was discussion by the Board regarding increasing outreach services to the community.  Discussion included increasing the time available to the staff member in charge of Latino relations from half-time to full-time. The increased costs associated with moving from a half-time to a full-time position is $52,898.00, to be funded utilizing the School Board reserve.  There will be no impact on the total County budget as a result of this appropriation.


As part of the continuous improvement process of the ACPS Transportation Department, there is a need to more carefully track and verify routes, timing, and location of buses in an effort to reduce costs and improve safety. ACPS buses travel approximately 1.1 million deadhead miles (miles with no students on buses) at a cost of 3.4 million dollars per year based on the past three year's average. Implementation of a bus GPS system would offer improvements in safety, verification of ridership and tracking of buses and deliver equal or better services at reduced operational costs.  Projected savings would exceed implementation costs in the first two years of implementation. The Transportation Department intended to purchase a bus GPS system prior to the end of FY08/09 with operational savings realized during FY08/09.  The Transportation Department planned to purchase the desired system based on a competitively bid RFP issued by Virginia Beach Public Schools.  However, VBPS did not finalize the contract for the desired system until July 1, 2009.  As such, Transportation was not able to execute a contract based on the VBPS contract prior to the end of FY08/09.  The operational savings the department planned to use became part of the school divisionís fund balance.  At the July 9 School Board meeting, School Board members voted 6-0 to approve the project and ask the Board of Supervisors to amend the appropriation ordinance accordingly. The cost is $212,809.00.


Albemarle County Schools has been approved for additional School Improvement Funds under Title I, Part A, Section 1003(g) of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001(NCLB). The approved school is Mary Carr Greer Elementary in the amount of $104,879.90; grant period May 12, 2009 through September 31, 2010. These funds will allow Greer Elementary to keep a Literacy Specialist (Coach) whose priority is to continue her work coaching grade level teams to design high-quality assessments and analyze student assessment data on a weekly basis at the grade level PLCs. This Coach will also support teachers in classrooms with high-quality instruction, as needed. Planning time will begin in July and August; this summer planning will allow instructional teams to begin planning units that integrate reading, writing, and content areas in an interdisciplinary manner. Non-fiction reading material on all levels will be purchased.


These appropriations were approved by the School Board at their July 9, 2009 meeting.



Appropriation #2010015                                                                                                                                                                                         $31,381.00


            Revenue Source:                        Local Revenue                          $5,986.00

                                                            Federal Revenue                      $25,395.00


The Department of Criminal Justice Services has awarded the Commission on Children and Families a one time grant in the amount of $8,869.00 with a local match of $986.00 for a total award of $9,855.00.  This grant will provide training monies for presenters to continue education for staff.  Local match monies are being provided by CASA.


The Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, specifically the Bama Works Fund of the Dave Matthews Band, has donated $5,000.00 to the Commission on Children and Families to provide stipends for Family Support mentors to accompany families of children with mental health needs to meetings.


The Department of Criminal Justice Services has awarded the Commission on Children and Families a grant in the amount of $16,526 with a local match of $1,836 for a total grant award in the amount of $18,362.  This grant will provide training and the implementation of promoting greater accountability in the juvenile justice system including the increased accountability for juvenile offenders.  Local match monies will be provided by both the County and the City through their existing contributions to CCF.



Appropriation #2010016                                                                                                                                                                                            $18,462.00


            Revenue Source:                        Maint./Repl. Funds                  $18,462.00


This appropriation will transfer $18,462.00 from the School Maintenance and Replacement project to Greer Elementary School Additions/Renovations project. Funds will be used for the removal of 60 existing light fixtures and replacement with 60 new energy efficient lights. Work will also include installation of 6 new occupancy censors to operate lights. There will be no impact on the total County budget as a result of this appropriation.



Appropriation #2010017                                                                                                                                                                                            $45,000.00


            Revenue Source:                        Fund Balance                          $45,000.00                                                 


This appropriation will transfer $45,000 from the fund balance to a special account used to reimburse VDOT for its expenditures to acquire right-of-way necessary to construct a continuous turn lane on Route 29 between Greenbriar Drive and Hydraulic Road.  The funding was provided in FY 09 by the developer of Albemarle Place pursuant to an agreement to assure the completion of proffered road improvements.


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