ZTA 2009-005 Zoning Amendments relating to Enforcement and Administration Board of Supervisors’ Public Hearing




Revisions to the Draft Ordinance brought by staff to the Planning Commission


1.      (Page 3)  Section 31.1 a 5:  Add reference also to Section 15.2-2311 c to be consistent with the Virginia Code for determinations of rights made with the County Attorney;

2.      (Pages 7 & 8)  Section 31.5 a:  Changed references about uses (“non-residential, other than an agricultural use”) to be consistent for all situations (new use, change of use and change of occupant);

3.      (Page 10)  Section 31.7:  Maintain reference to review for compliance with the Comprehensive Plan, even though it is self-executing;

4.      (Page 11)  Section 34.3 e:  Added language to clarify that an appeal will not be forwarded to the BZA until the fee is paid;

5.      (Page 14)  Section 36.3 h:  Clarified term “land development” with more descriptive language;


Revisions suggested by the Commission at the Meeting


6.      (Page 2)  Section 3.1 Definitions:  Omit use of term “zoning administrator” in definition of same;


Revisions made after the Commission Meeting by Staff


7.      (Page 14)  Section 36.3 g Civil Penalties and Section 36.4 Criminal Penalties:  Insert that criminal penalties can be used for violations of this chapter that result in injury to any person; and

8.      A few additional non-substantive changes by improving sentence structure, adding cross-references, and standardizing the reference to “sections.”


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